An Easy Way to Preserve Family Memories

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I really didn't know what to name this post.

It's about the Family Cookbook I've been working on....I pondered and pondered and then went with An Easy Way to Preserve Family Memories.

I chose that title because the process of gathering the recipes, adding pictures, and steeping myself in the memories that go with the recipes was so important, rewarding, and easy.

It seems that in my life, the coming together of extended family, the fun, the food, the joy, isn't what it used to be yet those memories from my childhood and young adulthood are so precious and valuable.

Creating my cookbook brought me back to that if an observer of another time, and made me realize how I want those moments again with my sons and their future families.

Who knew that the action of putting my family memories together using Create My Cookbook could be so amazing and open the door for more conversations with my sons....and them having an appreciation for the past, though not one they were around for or remember.

table of contents for my family cookbook

An Easy Way to Preserve Family Memories

I had some family issues come up and got a late start with this project.

I was putting off making a cookbook because I was so sure it was going to be time consuming and confusing...but, it wasn' was so easy, in fact, that I am planning on making another cookbook in the future using Create My Cookbook.

The Reveal

Cover of my family cookbook made with Create my Cookbook - cookbook was customized with photos of my family members

Once my cookbook was in my hands, I took it out of the box, went through each page, held back tears, and laid it on the dining room table.

The next morning, my youngest son told me he had seen it the night before.

page of a family cookbook with young man pointing at the picture of his mother as a teenager

He looked through it reading all the recipes and looking at the photos (the one he's pointing at above is me as a teenager...he had never seen it before!)...and, one of the best compliments of all....he said that when he got married or moved out, he wanted a copy for himself and he was sure that his brothers would want copies also.

page of family cookbook made with Create my Cookbook showing my three sons and husband at a church event

He knew the importance of it...he knew the recipes, the stories, and the family pictures were all part of him and he wanted that to go on....and that makes me happier than I can even fully express.

All of this, the moments, the conversations, talks of the future, were possible because of the heirloom in my family's hands thanks to Create My Cookbook.

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