Things I Like Saturday ~ Ikea 365+ Cookware

Ikea 365+ All-Clad

I need new pots and pans...there....I said it.  My cookware, for the most part, is an embarrassment but good cookware is really expensive so, I don't have it.  I was over at my niece's house a few weeks ago.  She has All-Clad.  That stuff is amazing.  I had never used it before but I  have a thing for hand washing dishes, I actually really like it {it's my Calgon take me away time}.  While I was over there we ate, the dishwasher was loaded but a few things wouldn't fit, including a huge All-Clad pan.  I washed it...I enjoyed it.  That baby had heft to it and cleaned up beautifully.  I now understand All-Clad love,'s out of my budget.  Fast forward to Ikea.

I was at Ikea {I find my zen there} and saw their display of 365+ Cookware.  It's not All-Clad {what is????} but it is a good quality alternative that is affordable.  I only bought one piece to start to see if I liked it and then I plan to add pieces when I can discarding {throwing out the window full force} my old pots and pans as I replace them.

One of my boys is showing in an interest in cooking and a few days ago he was making something in my new pot.  He had the heat up too high on a sauce and the pot boiled over....there was sauce everywhere including burnt to my new pot but once the pot cooled down, I soaked it and scrubbed it up {with CameO ~ I love this for cleaning my stainless steel} and it was almost as good as new.  The 365+ seems to stand up to frequent use, is easy to clean up, easy on the eyes and easy on the pocketbook {only $10.99}.

There's also a handy volume guide on the interior of the pot ~ great if you don't want to pull out your measuring cups.

If you're looking for new pots, I recommend you give the 365+ line from Ikea a try!  Until I get my All-Clad (insert dream sequence) the Ikea 365+ is a great, affordable, quality alternative.

{Not a sponsored post....just my thoughts!}


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  1. Hi, Good review. I have always wondered about Ikea cookware. What an awesome value it is!

    1. Mary Beth says:

      Thanks, Malia ~ I'm definitely going to buy more.