How to Make it a Plaid Christmas - Gifts and Ideas

Make it a plaid Christmas with these ideas for home decor, fashion, and gifts that can be used year round!

Tartan Plaid


1.  Aladdin Heritage Lunch Kit in Plaid

2.  Aladdin Heritage Vacuum Bottle

3.  Wallace Plaid Snap-on Slim Case

4.  Tartan Plaid Spool of Ribbon 

5.  Scotch Expression Washi Tape in Plaid ~ This can be used for wrapping gifts, making a table runner or even Christmas stockings.

6.  Classic Plaid Scarf ~ perfect for any black coat.

7.  Plaid Plates 

8.  Red Plaid Dust Mop Slippers ~ these could actually make cleaning fun (and they remind me of my friend Deb...I think she should have invented these).

Do you like plaid?  I think it's either love it or hate it.

I used to wear a plaid school uniform in grade school and I still love the look.  I haven't owned anything plaid (to wear) in years but I think it's about time I update my wardrobe with a piece.

Do you have a favorite plaid piece you pull out every year either to wear or to decorate with? I'd love to hear about it.

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  1. Diane | An Extraordinary Day says:

    I had a couple of beautiful wood kilt style plaid skirts when I was a little girl, that were kept closed with that giant "safety" pin. 😉 Like you I haven't done anything plaid other than putting a beautiful red and blue plaid tablecloth on my kitchen table at Christmas. Your selections are beautiful, Mary Beth!

  2. Great gift guide, my Mother is Scottish so I think a tartan phone case would be a great idea for Christmas.

    1. Mary Beth says:

      Thank you, Claire! My father's father had some Scottish blood in him - maybe that's where I get my love of plaid. If you get a case for your Mother, I hope she loves it.