The Definitive Guide to Perfect Bow-Making

How to Make a Bow from regular ribbon or wired ribbon for wreaths, baskets, weddings, gifts, and more with a short How to Make a Bow Video further down in the post. 

How-to make the perfect bow, Red Taffeta Ribbon Christmas Bow from cupcakesandcrinoline.comWhen I was growing up, my Grandmother lived with us in the guest apartment above the garage. She moved in when I was 8-years-old and lived with us until she passed away a few days after my 16th birthday.

Looking back, it was wonderful to have her with us. I have so many special memories and among them were her bow making skills.

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The Perfect Bow

My sister got married when I was 9 and I was a junior bridesmaid. My dress was gorgeous with a HUGE satin ribbon that tied in the back.

How to make a bow - back view of a beautiful dress with a large satin ribbon bow

The wedding day was busy, of course, and I remember my mom sending everyone over to Grandma’s apartment to have our bows tied.

How to make a bow - green satin ribbon tied in a bow

Grandma’s bows were always perfect whether little or big and gift wrapping, well, she took that to a whole nother level.

It’s memories of the little things that I seem to recall most and that stay with me to this day and it’s those things that I like to share. I think in some regards the mentoring of people-to-people, one generation to the next, the passing down of skills, isn’t what it used to be because of the Internet (good and bad) and so one of my goals is to share these little things, these nuggets here on The How-To Home.

The Secret – How to Make a Bow

My secret for making perfect bows every time is a simple DIY Bow Maker.  With a few supplies and tools, you can make what I’ve been using to create perfect bows for every occasion for years now.

How to Make a Bow - side view of beautiful taffeta bow on top of gift box

First things first – let’s start with the bow maker board.


How To Make a Bow MakerHow to Make a Bow Maker Board - collage of steps used to DIY a bow maker board

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How to Make a Bow - wood scrap used to make a bow maker board

How to make a bow maker board - wood scrap marked at 17 inches

If your wood scrap is larger than 17 inches long cut to size.

Find the center lengthwise of the wood (8.5 inches) and mark a straight line down the center, top to bottom.

Mark 1.25 inches down from the top and up from the bottom.

How to make a bow maker board - first hole being drilled in center of wood scarp

How to make a bow maker board - two drilled holes in center

Using your 3/8 inch drill bit start drilling at the marks you just made inward (the point you marked will be the outermost side of the drill hole).

How to make a bow maker board - two drilled holes in center

Drill two holes the same depth but DO NOT go all the way through the wood.

Make sure your dowels fit snugly into these holes.  If they don’t, you can add some wood glue to keep them in place.

How to make a bow maker board - one inch increments marked with sharpie on each side of center

How to make a bow maker board - dowels in center of board with 1 inch increments marked and wire placed between dowels to start making a bow

Mark one inch increments from the center point outward for a total of 8 inches to the right and left of center.

How-To Make a Perfect BowHow to Make Perfect Bows Every Time - it's all about the twist from

  1. Start with a good quality ribbon.  I prefer to work with wired-edge ribbon but that isn’t necessary.
  2. Cut a length of florist’s wire approximately 12 inches in length and place between the dowels.
  3. Leave about an 8″ tail on one side of the ribbon. Place ribbon between dowels pinching and twisting at the center point.
  4. Make a loop to the 5″ mark, turn the ribbon back toward the center, pinching and twisting at the dowels.  Continue doing this 6 times total on each side.
  5. After you have 6 loops on each side make a 1 to 1.5″ small loop for the center of the ribbon.
  6. Push the ribbon tightly down between the dowels, grab your wire and loop tightly around the top of the ribbon.
  7. Slide the bow out from between the dowels and secure the wire around the back of the bow.
  8. Start fluffing each loop until your bow is to your liking.

How to make a bow - large red plaid bow on top of an evergreen wreath on the grill of a vintage dodge truck

This bow is great for wreaths like the one above….

white Christmas wreath with clusters of red ornaments attached and a black, red, and white Christmas ribbon

or this White Christmas Wreath I made a few years ago…..

Christmas and Winter Repurposed Sweater Wreath with Vintage Ice Skates and Glitter

and this wreath I made from a thrift store sweater and some yard sale ice skates.

Once you get the hang of making these, you’ll be making them for everything.

How to make a bow - large red ribbon on evergreen bough attached to mailbox post buried in snow

You can use longer loops or shorter loops, thicker ribbon or thinner ribbon to create the look you want.

Ribbon Buying Tips

I like to stock up on the thick wired ribbon when it’s 50% off of more from the craft stores. I then use the ribbon to make bows for the Christmas tree, gift wrapping, wreaths, the dining room chair back, just about anything that isn’t moving gets a big old bow on it. Wired ribbon will hold it’s shape and have a firmer look but beautiful satin ribbons work well also. They are a little more relaxed and you’re not going to get a big poof but wide satin ribbon has such a beautiful, vintage look to it, that sometimes, that is exactly the look you want. Make less loops and keep the length of each loop somewhat shorter. The finished bow will have a beautiful, shabby chic look and feel to it.

If You’d Rather Buy…..

If you just don’t feel like making a bow maker board on your own, you can totally buy one. So many times, I see an awesome idea for a DIY on Pinterest and then get real with myself and know I’ll never make it….so I search for something similar and just buy it.

This Bow Maker is very versatile with lots of different bow options but if you’d rather purchase a bowmaker than make your own, I’ve listed a few options for purchase below:

Ebay usually has a lot of options including the original EZ Bow Maker but if eBay isn’t your thing, Amazon has some as well.
Pro Bow the Hand Bow Maker - Large - NEW IMPROVED MODEL
Zutter 7650 Bow it All V3.0 Bow-It-All V3.0
Darice BOW1003 Bowdabra Bow Maker and Craft Tool
The Ribbon Retreat Hair Bow Maker
Comparable Bow Makers available from Amazon <— you can click on the link or any of the above photos to be taken to Amazon.
Do you like to use bows in your decor? Let me know your favorite way to display them or make them. I always love learning new things. 

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How to make a bow - 3 photos of large bows, two on wreaths and one on an evergreen bough tied to a mailbox for Christmas