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DIY Shabby Chic Fabric Pumpkin

The perfect shabby chic ruffled fabric pumpkin to craft for autumn using a pumpkin from the dollar tree

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How to Make a DIY Shabby Chic Ruffled Fabric Pumpkin

Have you ever seen those orange styrofoam-ish pumpkins from the Dollar Tree and wondered what you could do with them?

I have and because they’re cute and only $1.00, I would buy them and then sometimes, they literally just stayed in the bag or *sigh* I would just put them out as is. Ala carte. No DIY. Not even a bow stuck with a straight pin into the little green foam stem.

I know, that’s sort of a DIY’er no-no but it was either during a time of depression, for real, when I only decorated because I didn’t want my guys to think I didn’t care or when I really had no idea what to do with them. 

So, when I saw an idea and tutorial to make a ruffly fabric pumpkin YEARS ago, I knew I wanted to make one. 

I love the Shabby Chic style but sometimes it’s hard to add it to your autumn decor – until now! This DIY Shabby Chic Fabric Pumpkin is so easy to make and costs less than $5.00! 

I bought almost everything I needed at the Dollar Tree with the exception of the fabric, but I have seen some somewhat flimsy dish towels there and I’m wondering if those would work. 

What do you think?

Or, you could just go to the fabric store and buy some muslin. I think it’s under $1.00 a yard…so, technically, it would also be a dollar-ish craft item. 

I would love to say that this was my idea, but it wasn’t. My inspiration came from 20 North Ora – I followed her directions almost to a T so please visit her site to see the original but below are the steps I took.

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I’m not sure if they make smaller ones, but if they do, it would be cute to make a bunch of these and put them on a farmhouse fall tray like this one

How To Make an Inexpensive Shabby Chic Pumpkin with Items from the Dollar Tree

DIY Shabby Chic Fabric Pumpkin

DIY Shabby Chic Fabric Pumpkin

Prep Time: 5 minutes
Active Time: 30 minutes
Total Time: 35 minutes
Difficulty: Easy

Easy-to-make ruffled fabric pumpkin using an orange pumpkin from the dollar tree. This is so easy to make and has a shabby chic look. The ruffles are easily sewn using a straight seam and inexpensive muslin fabric.


  • Mini Styrofoam pumpkin from the dollar tree.
  • Muslin fabric - 1/2 yard
  • Thread the same color as the muslin fabric 
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Cinnamon Sticks
  • White paint to cover the orange of the pumpkin


  1. If desired, paint pumpkin first to cover the orange. I didn't and I debate whether or not I should have so this step is entirely up to you.
  2. Rip the muslin from edge to edge into 1 1/2 inch strips.  I made a small snip with sharp scissors 1 1/2 inches apart the length of the muslin.  Use the entire 1/2 yard of fabric for a nice fluffy pumpkin.
  3. Sew a long-running stitch, nice and loose, (nothing tight) down the center of each strip the entire length of the
    strip.  Now, gently pull one side of the thread only to create a ruffled effect as tight or loose as you would like.  I chose to make mine over ruffly and therefore pulled the running stitch tightly.
  4. Now start gluing the strips nice and tight next to each other from the top of the pumpkin down across the bottom and up to the other side.
  5. Add cinnamon sticks to the center for the stem and glue leaves around the stem.  I added a hand-stamped tag just for a little something extra but that is totally optional.

Did you try this?

Please leave a comment below or share a photo on Instagram and tag #thehowtohome to let me know!

I made this pumpkin years ago and still look forward to getting it out every year. 

Do you have something that you can’t wait to get out every year to decorate for fall? 

DIY Shabby Chic pumpkin on farmhouse style tray. Autumn Decor at

If you make one of these, I would LOVE for you to share the pic with me – feel free to leave a comment below or send me an email at marybeth @ the how to home (dot) com 

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