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St. Patrick’s Day Centerpiece ~ Dollar Tree DIY

Easy-to-make St. Patrick’s Day Centerpiece with supplies from the Dollar Store

Add some pretty charm to your space with this inexpensive and cute St. Patrick’s Day Centerpiece! 

It’s almost St. Patrick’s Day and I wanted to share a quick, easy, and inexpensive centerpiece that you can make in minutes with one quick trip to the Dollar Tree.


This is all you need: A container {I chose a green ceramic container that I can use for storage or as a planter after I’m done with the centerpiece} Paper Easter grass in green and yellow {this too can be recycled/reused} A package of  green glitter St. Patrick’s Day table scatter Green wire  ~ I could only find one pack of the green wire but would have preferred to make taller shamrocks and a few more ~ so I recommend purchasing two packs. Straws or sticks/skewers Double-sided foam dots Package of two floral foam disks

How To Make a St. Patrick’s Day Centerpiece with Supplies from the Dollar Store

1.  Depending on the size of your container, you may have to shave the disks down to size, use one or use both.  I started by using one but then wanted a little more height so added the other disk to my container.

2.  Add the green Easter grass to cover the disk.



3 . Use the double-sided foam dots to place some of the green glitter decor to the sides of the pot and some to a few straws. 4.  The green wire is 6 feet long so I cut four 16-inch pieces using wire cutters ~ If you are able to find two packs of the wire cut them in scattered lengths of 16 to 24 ~ inches {16, 18, 20, 22 and 24}.

5.  Use some needle-nosed pliers to make a swirl starting at one end of the wire and then use your hands to shape the wire into a shamrock leaving enough straight wire to poke into your foam. 6.  Arrange the straws and wire shamrocks into the foam.

7.  I used the yellow grass to represent ‘gold’ but you could also sprinkle some gold coins in and around your centerpiece.

Make this adorable St. Patrick's Day Centerpiece with supplies from the Dollar Store


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