Are you ready for a fun and functional makeover?  My niece and her husband moved and asked me if I wanted their old coffee table….heck yes!  The coffee table I had in my living room was a BIG square gallery table with glass and drawers which at one time was perfect for the room but now it was just too big so my niece’s coffee table was perfect and I could put baskets underneath to hold the kid’s school books and my books and magazines {clutter}.  Perfect I tell ya!  Only one problem.  It didn’t match anything else in the room so I knew I wanted to refinish it.  We also moved the previous fluffy girlie couch downstairs and moved the recliner couch up stairs so the table had to be more functional and it had to be able to easily move when someone wanted to recline.  A few weeks before Christmas I decided to redo the table.

To start the redo I needed a few items, which I already had on hand {yippee!}.

Casters from Ikea

Valspar paint from Lowe’s  for the table top {I may redo the rest of the table in the spring…not sure yet}

Chalkboard paint {gray slate by Plaid}


Mod Podge Outdoor

J-B Weld Epoxy


First, I removed the bun feet so that I could add the casters.  On this particular table they merely screwed off.

The caster base was too large to merely add it to the original bottom of the bun feet but would fit the side that was in direct contact with the bottom of the coffee table and because of this, the feet had to be flip-flopped.

In order to flip the bun feet I had to remove the hardware so that it could be attached to the other side of the bun feet.  This was fairly easy to remove and now this hardware could be added to the opposite side.

Next, I drilled holes in the feet first for the old hardware and next for the casters screwing everything together firmly.

Before attaching the feet to the bottom of the table, I used the J-B Weld epoxy following the directions on the package.  I wanted to be sure the casters STAYED in place.

This is the finished feet/caster part of the project….now for the finish on the top of the table which I did not do by any means the ‘right’ way.  I didn’t sand…I didn’t strip {I did get a bit overheated but was clothed at all times}.  I used a TSP solution to wipe down the tabletop and that was it as far as prep.  My thoughts were that if it didn’t turn out, I would just go the route of redoing it when the weather was warmer finally jumping on the chalk paint bandwagon and preparing the surface PROPERLY the next time.

I painted the top of the table thinking I was all done but it just didn’t look right to me.  I wanted to add something more.

Not wanting to buy anything I went to my craft room and came across my chalk paint and thought I would give it a whirl.  I then added the chalk paint to the border of the table.  It was an accident that it all matched the baskets at the bottom.  I bought those at Target on clearance a few months ago and it just happened to match perfectly {I love happy accidents}.  I used 2 coats of the Valspar paint and 3 coats of the chalk paint.  Now…here’s where my redo gets even more off the beaten path.  I wanted to seal the center painted portion but didn’t want to use something with a lot of fumes so again went to my craft room and found the perfect finish, Mod Podge Outdoor.  I was really not sure how this would turn out but I can tell you that this table has taken a BEATING and has not chipped or peeled so the Mod Podge Outdoor sealer worked PERFECTLY!  I don’t have to worry about the kids using coasters as the surface wipes off easily and doesn’t leave a mark.

I love the finished table and we have so much fun writing each other messages, playing tic-tac-toe and just being silly with it ~ it is one of my best redo’s ever as far as my ♥family♥ is concerned.

Have you redone any furniture in a non-conventional way and loved the results?  I would love to hear about it.

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