Ruler Growth Chart ~ Giant Wooden Ruler Growth Chart ~ I wanted one….bad!  I have been seeing those funky growth charts all over the place.  Up until now I have been marking the kid’s height on a wall and want to paint that wall soon so I thought I better come up with a better solution.  I wanted to make a wooden ruler growth chart myself and found that it was easy, inexpensive, and fun!  My total cost was about $11.00 and total time was less than 1 hour.

Materials needed for Wooden Ruler Growth Chart:

Wooden Plank ~ I used a 6 foot x 1 inch x 7 1/4 inch pine board plank from Home Depot {I placed mine 6 inches above the floor which allows for a final marking of 6 feet 6 inches}

Wood stain ~ I had some Minwax Wood Stain in Sedona Red on hand from another project so used that

White craft paint

Black craft paint

Black Paint Marker ~ paint markers are so handy and are great to use for any tasks that require precision with paint i.e. lines

I made stencils using my Cricut machine for the numbers but you could freehand the numbers or use other stencils

Ruler and speed square

Paintbrush and stencil brush

*If you don’t have a Cricut machine you can use this wonderful Growth Chart Stencil from Stencil Revolution – it would save you a lot of time! 🙂

Steps for making your Wooden Ruler Growth Chart:

1.  Apply stain to wooden board/plank.  Wipe off the stain using a soft cloth or rag.  The longer you leave the stain on the darker it will be.  Allow to dry.

 2.  I waited a few days for mine to be thoroughly dry and then marked a strip down the center using painter’s tape.  I then dry brushed the white craft paint into the center portion.  The reason I did this was so that I could mark my children’s height and see what I was marking {so that it stood out}.


 3.  Once the center portion was dry I marked my Wooden Ruler Growth Chart starting with a 6 inch allowance at the bottom and noting where each foot would be.

4.  Once again using painter’s tape I taped my stenciled numbers in place starting with the number 1 six inches from the bottom and working my way up.

5.  I used black craft paint to stencil the numbers on to my plank.

Once dry, I removed the stencils.

6.  Next, using a ruler I used a pencil to lightly mark each inch between feet.

7.  Using a speed square and the paint marker I marked a hash tag for each inch making the 6 inch line {half foot mark} 1 inch long, every third inch 1/2 inch long and all other inches 1/4 inch long.

8.  I added a metal hanger to the back and added a stamp, signature and date for a final touch.  I then hung the Wooden Growth Chart on my wall making sure to place it 6 feet and 6 inches from the floor.

 I’ll be posting some pictures of additional decor I added around the ruler tomorrow.

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