10 Best Home Décor Blogs To Follow Right Now

Looking for ideas and advice on how to decorate your home within a budget?

beautiful outdoor entertainment area done on a budget with simple wooden benches and a display ladder.

Check out some of my favorite home décor blogs. These blogs cover a range of topics such as DIY projects, choosing colors and materials, and different design styles.

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Where Do You Find Your Decorating Inspiration

When I was first a homemaker I got most of my home décor inspiration from magazines. I loved to look through the pages and dream pulling out the pages that spoke most to me and saving them in a special binder but now, blogs and social media are a treasure trove for home décor enthusiasts.

My Top 10 Favorite Home Décor Blogs

Stone Gable

Yvonne is the wonderful creator of Stone Gable Blog and shares some of the most beautiful vignettes and room décor on the internet. Her style is self-defined as 'refined country' and it is stunning yet achievable. She provides decorating ideas, interior design principles made easy, home tours, home décor DIYs, recipes, and more! If you love all things home you will find lots of inspiration at Stone Gable!

The Handmade Home

I always find inspiration at The Handmade Home where they encourage you to 'stop pining away for the perfect home, make the house you live in now the one that you love'.

That is so important...dream but enjoy where you're at right now!

Lolly Jane

Lolly Jane is one of my favorite blogs. It's filled with inspiration from twin sisters Kelli and Kristi. They share tons of DIY projects, decorating tips, craft projects, and recipes. I am always amazing at what they create as it's usually something ridiculously unique but doable...and, I am a sucker for unique!

My 100 Year Old Home

Leslie is the owner/curator of My 100 Year Old Home where she shares so many fresh ideas. Her creativity is downright amazing! I look forward to her craft and décor ideas because I find that they're beautiful and EASY to recreate. She's also so nice...genuinely nice! I reached out to her (like I did almost all of my Facebook friends) to ask if they would like to host a virtual Pampered Chef party - I'm a consultant and parties are my thing! Many people don't respond but she did even though she barely knows me and had the kindest and sweetest reply...it made me smile...and I appreciated it considering how busy she is with her family, her Amazon live videos, and her new book, A Home to Share.

Addicted 2 Decorating

Kristi is another of those women who totally amazes me! I started following her when she was redecorating a condo that she and her husband lived in and then, they bought a 1948 Fixer Upper. She has done gut jobs (all the way down to the studs) on many of the rooms in that house primarily by herself. She shares step-by-step guides for what she's done including mistakes and redo's. I enjoy seeing her vision come to life. If you are a detail-oriented person, her blog is for you! I find myself reading almost every new post and imagining how I could do something similar in my own home or just being awestruck by what she's done.

Average But Inspired

Average But Inspired is anything BUT average! Bre is the creator of this beautiful blog that is a relatively 'new' find for me and I find myself clicking, clicking, clicking, and taking in all of the goodies she shares. Everything from easy crafts to complex DIYs there's something for everyone regardless of your skill level.

Thistlewood Farms

Karianne is the beauty behind Thistlewood Farms. I've known her virtually for years and she is always so encouraging and FULL of energy for everything she shares. Her style is classy with a touch of spunk. She shares tons of home décor ideas and DIY projects and she is also the author of several books, my favorite being The DIY Style Finder: Discover Your Unique Style and Decorate It Yourself. If you need some sunshine in your day and a dose of Southern charm, be sure to check out Thistlewood Farms.


Cristina is the creator of RemodelaCasa where she shares so much hands-on inspiration. She started her blog in 2012 and shares DIYs, home décor, crafts, and fabulous upcycles! She has such a sweet demeanor that comes through in her blog and I enjoy stop by often to see what's new often.

The How-To Home

This where you are right now! I love to share easy home projects, DIYs, and crafts and hope to share even more going forward. You can see all of my décor projects here and larger home projects here.

Apartment Therapy

This blog is a must-read for anyone looking for inspiration on how to decorate small spaces. With tips on how to maximize storage and make the most of your square footage, Apartment Therapy is a go-to source for renters and homeowners alike.

beautiful white kitchen with a waterfall island and rattan stools

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gorgeous bedroom decor with all pieces in neutral tones with large windows covered with opaque white curtains - a real bedroom sanctuary

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living room decorated in neutral tones

In conclusion, these are my top 10 home décor blogs to follow right now along with a tip for how to connect when it's a problem. Whether you're looking for inspiration on how to decorate a small space, create a stylish home on a budget, or incorporate vintage pieces into your décor, these blogs are a great source of inspiration. So, start reading and get inspired to create the home of your dreams!


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