Shabby Chic Tablecloth Ideas That Won't Damage your Vintage Linens

Hello thrifty style lovers! Welcome to this month's post for the Thrifty Style Team. After we dish about how to DIY a shabby chic tablecloth, head to the bottom of this post and check out what the other team members have created and visit them as well.

Now, back to my super easy and thrifty shabby chic simple DIY.

Outdoor romantic garden table setting using a ruffled bedsheet, burlap, and vintage doilies

When you go to the thrift store or a yard sale are you drawn to doilies, vintage linens, and tablecloths?

I know that's one of my weaknesses. Most of the time, I just bring those beauties home, launder them, and then neatly fold them and place them on a shelf in my favorite armoire where I take a peek at them every so often.

Pine dining room table and china cabinet. Table is covered in vintage linens and vintage doilies are displayed on a wrought iron cup holder in the center of the table.

Heaven forbid I actually use them. I mean, they might get ruined, stained, or torn. Am I right?

If you want to use your vintage beauties without damaging them, I have an easy way to create a lovely shabby chic tablecloth with them. With this method, you can use your stash without fear.

Folded stacks of vintage doilies on an embroidered vintage tablecloth

First, go through your doilies picking your favorites.

Head to the store (or again, your stash) and grab some sharp (i.e. new) safety pins. New and sharp is important because old and used ones can be dull and may damage your doilies. New and sharp will limit this possibility.

Folded burlap after being machine washed and dried

Grab some burlap cut into a square, a table runner size, or another shape to fit the table you'll be using your new tablecloth on OR use a plain tablecloth or sheet as a base for your creation.

Burlap tablecloth with vintage linens pinned to it for a shabby chic tablecloth look

If you want to use ribbon, buttons, antique broaches, fabric flowers and more, go for it!

Gently layered vintage linens pinned to a ruffled bedsheet and freshly laundered burlap used to create a Shabby Chic Tablecloth

Gather all the shabby chic vintagey beauty you desire and start layering.

Vintage doilies layered on top of a square of burlap used to create a shabby chic tablecloth

I did two versions of this tablecloth; one on my dining room table........

Outdoor romantic table covered with a ruffled sheet, freshly laundered burlap, and vintage linens to create a shabby chic tablecloth

and another on a card table in the yard for a garden party feel.

For the garden table look I used a ruffled sheet as the base and layered that with a burlap square and then added my doilies.

I like to eye everything up first without pins adjusting placement as needed.

Square of freshly laundered burlap with vintage doilies pinned to it to create a shabby chic tablecloth

Once I have a look I like, I start pinning, adding, and layering.

That's it! Easy Peazy.

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Outdoor romantic garden table using vintages linens and doilies to create a shabby chic tablecloth

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  1. I love shabby chic and your tablecloth ideas are fabulous! I've got a nice collection of vintage doilies and hankies that don't get out too much! Thanks for inspiring!

  2. Paula@SweetPea says:

    What a great way to use your treasures without damaging them!

  3. What a beautiful way to celebrate vintage pieces without destroying or damaging them. I have many pieces that I want to use but am always worried of tearing or ruining them.
    Thanks sweet friend!

  4. Michelle @ The Painted Hinge says:

    Words can't express how much I love this Mary Beth! So my style!

  5. Kristi Dominguez says:

    This is such a lovely idea, Mary Beth. I have a lot of these handmade beauties from my late aunt and am always scared to use them. You've definitely inspired me! xoxo

    1. This os absolutely stunning, MB!!! Sharing on FB!