Why You Shouldn't Choose Cheap Windows

Often, the desire to save money when choosing windows ends up doubling the costs of repairs, adjustments, and replacement of windows. The microclimate in the house depends on the quality of windows and window installation, which affects the health and mood of the residents. In this article, you will learn the reasons why you should not skimp on windows for your home. You can also use the PGT, Milgart, or Andersen window cost estimator on MyHomeQuote to more accurately budget your window selection and installation costs.

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Why Can Cheap Windows be Dangerous?

Low-quality materials are used to produce budget plastic windows. In some cases, the purchase of such frankly low-quality windows is justified, for example, for the use of a summer house or commercial buildings.

But for apartments or country houses, choose window profiles from reliable manufacturers who use high-quality raw materials (without toxic additives, with sufficient wall thickness, durable galvanized reinforcement). For example, you can pay attention to the brands Andersen, Pella, Marvin, etc. Use the window cost estimator from MyHomeQuote to estimate the possible costs of installing windows.

You can buy the cheapest plastic windows, but you need to remember the possible consequences. The consumer may face the following risks:

  1. Poor quality of welds, which increases their fragility.
  2. Reduced strength of corner joints.
  3. Reducing the period of safe operation of glazing.
  4. Reduced resistance to environmental conditions. The thickness of the outer wall will decrease to 1.8 mm over 40 years of operation.
  5. A window made of a thin-walled profile is difficult to install, adjust the pressure, and maintain the geometry of the structure.
  6. Thin reinforcement contributes to the deformation of the plastic frame and sash.
  7. Prices for budget plastic windows may vary from different manufacturers. The reason is that companies save in different ways; some use low-quality fittings, others use cheap double-glazed windows.

Cheap Double Glazing

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Budget double-glazed windows, compared to expensive ones, have less light transmittance. Insufficient glass thickness leads to reduced thermal insulation properties and poor sound insulation. In this case, the microclimate in the room will not be comfortable without the use of heating devices. And these are additional expenses.

The production of inexpensive double-glazed windows often occurs in violation of technologies, which leads to loss of tightness, the formation of condensation, and the appearance of mold.

Purchasing budget designs is justified if the buyer is interested in the presence of a window, and not its technical characteristics.

Low-Quality Fittings

A residential house with two windows being replaced, one lying against the house facade and another open, showing the indoor environment.

The use of low-quality window fittings leads to problems with opening or closing the sashes. Often such mechanisms cannot be adjusted. Cheap windows are not equipped with high-quality fittings.

The use of mild steel, and brittle alloys for production and the replacement of some elements with plastic ones reduces the cost but contributes to rapid wear of the mechanisms, their incorrect operation, and the impossibility of a tight fit of the sashes to the frame.

Cheap window fittings lead to cracks, split parts, crunching noises when opening the sash, and handles falling out.

The lack of a protective coating contributes to the rapid appearance of corrosion on metal elements. Handles with low-quality fittings quickly become loose and sag, and the operation of the mechanism is accompanied by an unpleasant sound.


A worker in blue uniform measuring a newly installed white window frame with a tape measure inside an urban apartment.

Sometimes manufacturers neglect the quality of the sealing gum in order to reduce costs. A good seal retains its elasticity for a long time, but an inexpensive one quickly becomes covered with cracks, loses its ability to ensure a tight fit of some structural elements, and does not hold its shape well. If you decide to order cheap windows, get ready to replace the seal soon.

Often, rubber seals are made from low-quality raw materials that release harmful chemical compounds into the environment.

Accessories and Additional Options

The equipment of cheap windows is minimal. However, additional elements and devices make the window easier to use. Most often, comfort or premium-class models are equipped with:

  • electric drive for automatic opening of the windows;
  • supply ventilation valves;
  • micro-slit ventilation devices;
  • blinds integrated into the double-glazed window;
  • sensor systems;
  • additional heating device.

Consequences of Turning to Unreliable Providers

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Cooperation with responsible contractors will allow you to avoid the problems of low-quality window systems and improper installation.

To avoid choosing blindly, study independent reviews about the company you like on the Internet. To attract customers, only positive reviews are usually posted on official websites. Reviews from friends, colleagues, relatives, and acquaintances who have recently installed windows and can evaluate the quality of the work will also help you.

Studying the offers of various companies will also allow you to draw a conclusion where the windows are better and the installation is of better quality.

You can form your own opinion about the work of certain companies. Study the portfolio on the official website: large companies usually post photographs of shopping centers, shops, and residential complexes. You can visit the facilities and evaluate the quality of work yourself.

Lack of experience among specialists in installing and replacing windows can lead to:

  • blockage of the drainage hole;
  • improper sealing of the window seam;
  • insufficient fastening;
  • the absence of a window sill, supporting elements, or spacers;
  • poor placement of wedges;
  • deviation from the vertical and horizontal lines of window blocks.

Violations are also made at other stages. Installers may not have the necessary tools to dismantle the old structure. The result of incorrectly measuring a window opening can be the production of a frame of the wrong size.

Final Thoughts

Modern windows significantly improve comfort in the home, but you should not skimp on the quality of windows and the reliability of window installation and replacement specialists. You can use Milgard, PGT, or the Andersen window cost calculator to estimate your possible costs. For example, the cost to install an Andersen window is around $380 – $4,100. Research window installation prices based on window type and material, and let MyHomeQuote help you find reliable contractors.

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