How to Create a Reading Nook on a Budget

Every passionate reader dreams of having a grand library in their own home, but if you are like most people, there just isn't the space. While you're waiting for that lottery win, what you can do in the meantime is create a reading nook for yourself. The great thing about a reading nook is that you can make one no matter how small the space you have is and even if you're a renter instead of a homeowner. You can create a nook in a corner of your bedroom if you share your place with roommates. The ideas below can help you create a cozy space to enjoy your favorite books.

Wicker chair in a corner of a room with a throw blanket and books stacked for a cozy reading nook.
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You can make a reading nook on virtually no budget, on a low or on a medium-sized budget--if you have a big budget, go ahead, and chase that library dream. You can save money on furniture and accent pieces by visiting thrift stores, yard sales and estate sales as well as seeing what people might be giving away for free or selling very cheap online. If you do need more money to turn your space into what you envision, you may want to investigate taking out a personal loan.


As a book lover, you probably think about happy hours spent browsing shelves when you see this word, but in this case, you'll be browsing for photos of how other people have arranged their reading areas. This can be great for inspiration. Spend some time just collecting pictures to help you decide how you can make the most of the space that you have and to help you get a sense of your style. If there's a particular type of book that you love, you can make that part of your décor. A popular critical thinking book might not help you decide how to decorate your nook, however, if you prefer historical novels from a particular era, you can work on making your nook look like that.


A reading nook is supposed to be cozy, so creating a reading nook in a small space is no problem. But there are a few things you should consider. Do you want to be by a window so that there is more natural light? Are there spots in your home that are quieter or warmer or cooler than others? Even if you envision a space that is dark in a cozy way, make sure that you have sufficient light to read by. Another thing to consider is whether you want any plants and whether they will be able to get the light they need. If you want to set the area off from the rest of the room, you might be able to do so by using bookshelves as a kind of partition.


Cozy reading nook on a window seat.

Go for comfort over aesthetics when it comes to whatever you'll be sitting in--or lying on. Think of the textures and colors that you want nearby. Keep a soft blanket handy for when it's cool. Throw pillows and a soft pile rug--even if you already have carpet on the floor--make the place more inviting. If you like to have a drink or snack while you're reading, make sure that there is a handy place to set them down where they won't be in danger of spilling on your books.

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