Vintage Creamer Pincushion

Now that yard sale season is upon us if you happen to spot a silver vintage creamer all by it's lonesome, scoop it up and make yourself a pretty little pincushion.  It's easy to make and you can use up some of your vintage goodie stash at the same time.

How To Make a Vintage Creamer Pincushion

Vintage Creamer Shabby Chic Pincushion

This Vintage Creamer Pincushion is my Thrifty Style Team post for the month.

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There are just a few steps from start to finish so let's get started.

overhead view of vintage creamer pincushion


I went to my favorite antique store and found the beautiful silver plated and monogrammed creamer and used that as my starting point but you could use any creamer, china, silver, etc. I especially loved the worn patina of this one. I couldn't imagine using it for cream but as a pincushion, it definitely works!

A scrap piece of white broadcloth though I think you could totally change the look with some calico.

Ribbon scraps

A small amount of Fiberfill



Lace scraps

Hot Glue Gun and Glue Sticks

Tissue paper

vintage creamer and other supplies for shabby chic pincushion

Now let's put this all together.

overhead view of vintage silver creamer

First, I first stuffed some tissue paper into the bottom of the creamer to fill it up almost to the top.

vintage creamer and hand sewn pincushion pouf

Next, I cut a small square of white broadcloth, gather the edge with a gathering stitch, place a small amount of fiberfill in the center, pull the stitching tightly and knotted it off.  This is your pincushion pouf.

vintage creamer with vintage lace doily stuffing

Then, I hot glued some antique lace trim salvaged from a vintage table runner around the edge of the broadcloth pouf.

view of the back - vintage creamer pincushion

The Finishing Touch

Place the pouf of fabric and lace into the creamer and hot glue into place. 

I used a few of my favorite ribbons to make a simple bow, stitching it in the center and attaching some buttons I had saved from my Grandmother' s button box. 

I added some Dritz straight pins, a charm that I had on hand and some vintage hat pins and that was it!

*Inspiration for this craft was via Romantic Country Magazine - design by Dawn Edmonson at The Feathered Nest

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  1. Very cute! And considering just last week I reached into a drawer for a needle and got stabbed, i obviously need to make one!

  2. This turned out so sweet Mary Beth!

  3. Meegan Fast says:

    Absolutely darling! Every detail is perfection and lovely. I like the various ribbons and colorful pins.
    Happily pinning for later.
    Have a wonderful week, my friend.

  4. Michelle @ The Painted Hinge Farmhouse says:

    I love this! So chic and feminine!

  5. Kristi Dominguez says:

    Sweetest pin cushion ever! Would look adorable on my sewing table. 😉

  6. Love how you repurposed that pretty creamer! If I needed a pincushion, I would definitely make something similar. But I am using one that was given to me by a student many, many years ago. I think about that child every time I use it! Your pincushion would make a long lasting gift for a teacher!

  7. laura janning says:

    MaryBeth- what a darlin idea and creative use of the creamer.

  8. This is such a sweet idea, Mary Beth, and I love how you added the lace around the poof. So pretty!!