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Garden Tour May 2013

This week has been a wonderful week for my gardens.  So many plants and flowers are in full bloom and they just seemed to all pop at once!  I love this time of year and when the sun is shining and the breeze is blowing there is no place I would rather be but outside.

Purple Iris

Another Iris ~ not sure of its name but oh, so pretty!

Iris Patch at the end of the driveway ~ these were here when I moved in and they just keep spreading.

Pink Azaleas ~ the azaleas were absolutely beautiful this year ~ they bloomed more than I can ever recall.

The Azaleas were so pretty that I cut off a branch and brought them in just to enjoy.

The hostas got HUGE in less than a week ~ I divided some up a few years ago and they have now all but taken over a few of the garden beds I’ve added them to…….

they even surrounded my little garden fairy

My rhododendron is hit or miss ~ I have had years where it doesn’t even have one bloom and years when there are just a few…this is a just a few year.

I planted 3 lily of the valley plants when I was trying to add some new plants to a bed in the front of the house ~ with no help from me there are probably well over 100 plants now in that same bed.  They have the most amazing scent ~ I always bring some of these into the house ~ they don’t last long once cut but the few days they are in the house they provide such a lovely fragrance.

The Clematis is in the bed right in front of the porch ~ I’m replacing the railing this year so I just left most of the clematis ‘down’ but did add a removable trellis for some upward growth and color ~ it’s almost totally filled in at this point.

Dame’s Rocket around my Red Garden Ladder ~ these are a great spreader as well.

I cannot remember the name of this plant but it made it’s way from the back of the house to front and is another prolific spreader.

A neighbor gave me a few lamb’s ear years ago and they, too, have spread like wildfire ~ they are even in the lawn now….they are EVERYWHERE!

I bought this lilac bush and it was literally a ‘stick’ ~ I didn’t think it had a chance…but it proved me wrong.

Ferns  ~ I love to put these in the shadier areas of the yard.

The climbing roses are getting ready to bloom……

so are the lilies

and the peonies.

My mom had hanging baskets of fuchsia when I was growing up ~ I find myself buying them every year ~ they remind me of her 

Lobelia in a hanging basket

another little hanging basket of flowers

Last year I had poison ivy THREE times ~ this year I am not giving it a chance…I’m going to kill this sucker before it gets me!

This is the front yard so far this year {right side}

and left side ~ you can check out last year’s Front Yard Makeover here.

I’ll be having more front yard makeover pictures for you soon ~ the tree that was right in the center of the front yard was dying and couldn’t be saved so now we need to figure out what to do with that big empty space *sigh*

I hope you enjoyed the tour ~ I’ll have  a backyard makeover for you in a few weeks along with What’s Blooming Updates~ right now the back yard is a HUGE mess ~ a big sandpit where the pool used to be and lots of mud.

I hope you’re enjoying your spring so far!

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Sunday 9th of June 2013

Beautiful landscape and garden. I have always wondered how a liliac bush would do I'm my zone. Do they smell nice?

Mary Beth

Sunday 9th of June 2013

Thanks so much, Laura ~ the smell is heavenly. Ours is right by the driveway and anytime you pull in or out you get the whiff of lilac and it such a nice fragrance.

Have a wonderful day!

Katie Goldsworthy

Monday 3rd of June 2013

So, so, so beautiful Mary Beth! Thanks for linking it up at Monday Funday!

Mary Beth

Monday 3rd of June 2013

Thanks so much, Katie!

Julia Stansel

Tuesday 28th of May 2013

Your garden looks so peaceful! We have so much poison ivy growing this year! I can touch it and never get it , but poor hubby is so alergic so I guess I will be out there trying to pull all the poison ivy up so he won't have to suffer. I actually think it is very pretty growing up the fences, but not worth his suffering. We have honeysuckle everywhere this year! In the evenings no matter where you are in the yard you can smell it. I love to go out and check on all the chickens and rabbits and breath in it's scent. I'm going to have to cut it back because it is taking over everywhere, I sure hate to loose any of it's fragrance though. I will have to plant some lily of the valley to see how it smells. Looking forward to seeing more photos soon!

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