Most days I find myself in awe of nature…in awe of God’s handiwork.  Yesterday was no exception.  In an effort to save money this year I bought seed packets at the Dollar Tree.  One of those packets were Zinnia seeds.  I had no idea what color they would be but I love zinnias so I had nothing to lose.  I planted the seeds back in May in a flower bed on the side of the driveway.  Only a few of the seeds grew and bloomed…but wow….what a display!  I have no idea of the ‘real’ name of these zinnias but I have named them Pink Ombre.

I ran some errands yesterday and when I got out of my truck I was amazed at how pretty these were and how much they reminded me of one of the latest decorating trends, ombre.  Please excuse the quality of the photos as they were taken with my phone but were just too pretty not to share.

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