Easy-to-Make Burlap Silverware Caddy

I like to keep my everyday silverware handy on the counter and my better silverware organized all nice and cozy in a drawer.  For years I have been keeping my silverware in a silver planter that I purchased at Ikea {I think they still carry these or something very similar}.  I always place either a vintage linen or napkin in the container but sometimes these get stained because of the proximity of the container to the sink.  I decided to switch things up and since burlap is all the rage {I love it too!} I made a quick, easy and inexpensive caddy insert that can be switched out or embellished for the season.

Materials needed:

burlap ~ cut a square that will fit into your container of choice with adequate overlap to pull to the front

rubber band

twine or ribbon

ephemera ~ I used a scrapbooking flower with a brad through the center

1.  Place your burlap in your container and gather up the excess to the front of the container.

2.  Secure with the rubber band {I used some elastic that was leftover from a candy box}.  Think ponytail holder for this step.  I pulled the burlap together and then placed the band on similar to the way I would put my hair in a ponytail.

3.  Wrap twine {or ribbon} over the rubber band to cover it.

4.  Poke your flower with brad through the burlap and then ‘flip out’ the back of the brad to keep it secured.  You could also use a vintage brooch, pin or any other embellishment you choose!

hugs, mb new logo March 2016