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Easy-to-Make Leather Tassel Key Ring with Gold Trim


Pull out the Sharpies, class ~ I have an eye-catching quick craft for  you ~ a Leather Tassel Key Ring.


I have a thing for tassels ever since seeing Gone With the Wind.  This may be a bit over the top but those tassels…amazing! Fast forward to now ~ a few months ago I made some Leather Feather Earrings from a leather scrap and I really liked how they turned out.  I had more leather so it was time to make another craft.

Easy-to-Make Leather Tassel Key Ring

Leather-Tassel-Key-Ring Supplies Needed Cupcakes-and-Crinoline #leather #tassel #keyring Supplies needed:  

Leather Scrap ~ a 7 inch by 5 inch square Key Ring ~ you can buy these but I recycled one from an old key ring that had broken

Rotary cutter

Ruler E-6000 or other glue that can be used on leather

Sharpie to mark the back of the leather

Sharpie to add detail  Leather-Tassel-Key-ring Square-off-your-Leather #leather #tassel #keyring Cupcakes-and-crinoline  1.  My scrap was irregularly shaped so I needed to square it up.  I used my ruler to cut a 7″ x 5″ piece of leather. Leather-Tassel-Keyring_MG_5942  2.  Make a line 1 inch down from the top.  This will be the point where your fringing will stop. Leather-Tassel-Key-Ring cupcakes-and-crinoline #Leather #Tassel #Keyring 3.  Cut even strips of fringe 1/4 inch wide up to the red line on the back.  Determine which end you will start to roll.  This will be your core and cut off 1 fringe to use for attaching your tassel to the key ring. Leather-Tassel-Keyring_MG_5947 4.  Key ring attachment (above)  ~ cut this down to 3 inches in length. Leather-Tassel-Keyring_MG_5952  5.  Center your attachment piece on your key ring. Leather-Tassel-Keyring_MG_5954 6.  Use the E-6000 to attach the key ring to the inner end of your fringed piece.  Add glue across the top ~ above the red line but centered.  You don’t want the glue squirting out onto your finished key ring.  Now start to roll. Leather-Tassel-Keyring_MG_5956 7. Keep the rolling nice and snug. Leather-Tassel-Keyring_MG_5957 8.  I used binder clips to hold the upper glued-end in place until it was secure.   Leather-Tassel-Keyring_MG_5976 9.  So here you have it ~ the finished Leather Tassel Key Ring….but it needed something more. Leather-Tassel-Key-ring cupcakes-and-crinoline how-to 10.  My key ring seemed a bit bland so I pulled out my Gold Sharpie ~ the same one I used to highlight the gilded gold honeycomb on my white pitcher a few weeks ago. Leather-Tassel-Key-Ring-made-with-scrap-leather-and-a-sharpie #Leather #Tassel #Sharpie #Crafts cupcakes-and-crinoline 11.  I added two lines to the top of the key ring and I think it sets it off perfectly!

So…are you a tassel lover as well?  I’d love to hear about your favorite way to decorate or use tassels…or Sharpies.  😉 

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Thursday 22nd of May 2014

How creative!

Mary Beth

Saturday 17th of May 2014

Thank you so much, Kimberly! I'll be back to your party this week (I am sooooo hoping to have something to share!). Have a wonderful weekend.

Inspire Me Heather

Thursday 15th of May 2014

What a beautiful key ring! I need something like that too, I keep taking my husbands keys by mistake - ooops - thanks Mary Beth!

Mary Beth

Thursday 15th of May 2014

You're welcome, Heather. We keep all of our keys on a set of hooks and now I always know which one is mine. Plus it's easy to find in my purse.

Hammersmith Carpet Cleaners

Wednesday 14th of May 2014

Such a cute idea! I'll give it a try! The tassel key ring turned out great! Love the leather feather earrings too!


Wednesday 14th of May 2014

LOVE this! Pinned! Life to the full! Melissa

Mary Beth

Wednesday 14th of May 2014

Thank you so much, Melissa!