Tips for Transitioning Container Gardens From Summer to Autumn Displays

Bright purple mums in a galvanized metal basket - rustic autumn garden display

Have your summer flowers begun to look a bit bedraggled?  Mine sure have.  For a while we were having rain every single day and everything was blooming like crazy but now it's been a few weeks since we've had any rain and even though I'm watering my plants it's just not the same.  


The heat is getting to them and since we're nearing the end of the growing season for many annuals it's time to add some more color back into our container gardens and urns. 

Deep purple and yellow mums for autumn displays

I was out shopping to Walmart the other day and in the front of the building they had beautiful and healthy-looking yellow mums for only 96 cents a pot and some larger purple mums for $1.96.  I put 5 of the yellow and 2 of the purple mums in my cart and thought that for less than $9.00 I could brighten up my porch...that's a pretty good deal! 

Summer weary planter -

I started by dead heading some of my summer annuals to hopefully encourage some new growth and used my hands to clear away areas around the pot to plant my smaller yellow mums.  I use my hands a lot (without gloves) for gardening - something to me just feels better doing it that way.  Are you the same way?

Yellow mums

Once I had all 5 of the yellow mums rimming my black urn I realized I didn't have any room to plant the purple mums so I grabbed a galvanized basket I bought a while back (can't remember exactly where) and used that to hold the mums.  

Deep purple autumn blooming mums in a metal basket as part of an autumn display

No need to worry about adding dirt, I just plopped my pots right in there.

Transitioning Garden Containers from Summer to Fall Flowers

I placed the basket at the foot of the urn, placed a wreath wrapped in rusted bells behind it and added my old roaming wooden and metal rustic church to the front.  I love the way it all came together and it's a nice start to my autumn garden displays.  

Here's a video to show the process a little more clearly!
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Have you started to swap out your summer flowers for autumn ones or are waiting a bit longer?  I couldn't help myself and got an early start this year.  I can't wait to add some ornamental cabbages, pumpkins and gourds to my yard but for now I'll be happy with the mums!
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