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Sit back and relax - patio furniture and adirondack chairs from Wayfair!

Do you spend a lot of time outdoors in the summer enjoying the warm and sunny weather but find that you don't always have the most comfortable seat? If you don't have that comfy sweet spot to sit and ponder life it sort of stinks doesn't it?

Adirondack Chairs, a comfy and customizable outdoor seating solution.

When my kids were little I used to sit on the ground and watch them play or bring out a folding chair and plop it down on the lawn.  While those are good options I much prefer having an inviting and pretty place to sit.  I have a bit of an oasis in my front yard; flowers, a fountain and good seating and today I want to share with you the seating!

I wanted a chair where I could read, think, and just enjoy and so I chose Adirondack chairs ~ one for me and one for whoever wants to sit, albeit quietly, with me.  They are so comfortable and they go with just about any outdoor decor you may have.  They've been around since 1903 and I now understand why they have them at resorts.  They are everything I was looking for to complete my space.

The Adirondack chairs I received are from Wayfair.  Each chair arrived in a box, unfinished, and needed to be put together but don't let that scare you off from these particular chairs.  The only tool I needed to assemble them was a screwdriver.  Once they were assembled, I started to paint them. Adirondack Chairs, a comfy and customizable outdoor seating solution.This is the fun part.  Since the chairs are unfinished you can paint them ANY color your heart desires.  I had so many ideas not only for me but for gift giving.  These would be perfect to give as a Mother's Day gift, a Father's Day gift OR as a wedding gift - one painted white, one painted black and then Mr. and Mrs. painted across the back of the chairs.  Oh, the ideas are endless and I actually was going to paint mine with Mr. and Mrs. but the weather here has been horrible, only ONE sunny day over the last few, so painting these was a bit of a task.  I still might change mine up and if I do, I'll let you know!

White Adirondack Chair with Monogram - so pretty and perfect for gift giving!Now, back to how I personalized mine.  I painted one chair a nice ocean blue and the other a glossy white.  I added a cherry red M to the white one for my last name and love how it turned out.  This is my chair. 🙂Adirondack Chairs, a comfy and customizable outdoor seating solution.Once my chairs were painted and dry I added a fluffy outdoor pillow to each, placed the chairs by my fountain, grabbed some fresh fruit-infused water and then sat down....and almost fell asleep!

My hope is to start working on an entertainment area for my back yard and I am getting so many ideas and inspiration here that I can't stand it ~ my idea board is growing....I think I need a bigger yard.

DIY Monogrammed Adirondack Chairs - perfect for wedding gifts monogrammed with Mr. and Mrs. or any special occasion.

Do y ou have a place to sit and just relax in your yard? I would love to hear the details.

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  1. Oh, Mary Beth, your chairs turned out so pretty and I love the pillows with the cherry accents, too. I immediately thought the "M" was for Mary. Ha! It's a beautiful monogram for sure! We have a pair of Adirondack chairs in storage... we assembled them and painted them a pretty light yellow and then we painted them a dark green when we moved to PA. They are my favorite for sure. Yours look super comfy.

    1. Mary Beth says:

      Thank you so much, Diane! I hope you can get your chairs out of storage and enjoy them soon. xoxo