The super easy trick for arranging flowers in a bucket or other large containers. 

How to arrange flowers - Overhead view of bouquet of pink roses in a large pink pail

A few weeks ago I was at Costco and they had two dozen flowers on sale for $13.99. I really enjoy having fresh flowers around the house and for this price, I grabbed a bunch and didn’t look back.

How to arrange flowers - Two dozen beautiful pink roses in wrapper lying on table next to pink metal bucket

Once I got home I was looking for a vase, my kitchen is still not back together since the remodel, and I couldn’t find a vase but I did spy a pink pail I bought from the dollar spot at Target back in the spring and that’s when I started thinking.  I am not sure if the pail is purely decorative or if it would hold water and rather than fill it with water and see if it would work I decided to try something different which I am so glad I did.

How to arrange flowers - Two blue tinted mason jars on table in front of two dozen pink roses and a large pink metal bucket

Not only did this trick work great because of the water issue but also it made arranging the flowers so much easier.

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How To Arrange Flowers in Large Containers

How to arrange flowers - Pink metal oblong pail, two dozen pink roses and a blue Ball mason jar on dining room table

I pulled two mason jars from my stash, checked to make sure they would fit side-by-side in the pail and then got to work.

How to arrange flowers - Pink metal pain with pink roses behind it, scissors, and cut greens in the foreground

I filled both jars with water and food and then started measuring the length of the roses and started cutting.

How to arrange flowers - cuttings from two dozen roses on a wooden table in front of a pink metal pail

I like to measure one perfectly and use that as my guide.

That works great when you want everything to be approximately the same height and that’s the look I wanted for this display so I was good to go.

As I went along, I placed one dozen roses in each jar. It was a perfect snug fit.

How to arrange flowers - Two dozen pink roses in a pink oblong metal pail on dining room table

Once I was done, I placed the jars in my pail.

How to arrange flowers - Close up of pink roses arranged in a pink pail with green rose cuttings in front of bucket on dining room table

That is the secret…the whole entire thrifty tip. Use.Jars.Bam.Done.

How to arrange flowers - Overhead view of beautiful pink roses in a pink bucket on top of white eyelet fabric

This was a “new” to me tip but some of you probably already knew this.

How to arrange flowers - Side view of pink roses in a pink bucket

If you didn’t but have another tip for arranging flowers, I would love to know it!

How to arrange flowers - Pink metal bucket filled with open blooming pink roses

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