The Best Kitchen Spice Storage Ideas to Stay Organized

I had reached a point in my life where I was spending more time searching for my spices than actually using them in my cooking. This chaos in the kitchen led me to the realization that organizing spices is crucial for easy access and improved functionality.

Close up view of glass jars filled with spices in a kitchen setting

With a well-organized spice collection, I discovered that not only did my cooking space look better, but my cooking experience was significantly enhanced as well. It became clear to me that in order to have a more enjoyable and efficient cooking experience I needed to get a grip and arrange my spice collection. No more excuses, the time had come and I want to share some of my best Kitchen Spice Storage Ideas here with you.

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The Drawer Diva: Why Drawers Are the Best

I had tried everything. From a lazy susan in the corner cabinet to testing out a magnetic spice rack on the refrigerator, my quest for the perfect spice organization system seemed endless. Then, I discovered the magic of utilizing a kitchen drawer. Suddenly, I found easy access to my most-used spices without the hassle of rummaging through a cluttered spice cabinet. The best part? Each spice bottle lay in plain sight, making selection effortless during the cooking process. 

Adopting drawer dividers transformed the space. These customizable solutions allowed me to designate specific areas for each category of spices. Moreover, by integrating glass jars with custom labels, I elevated the aesthetic appeal of my kitchen storage. This setup not only catered to my small kitchen's limited cabinet space but also maximized the shallow drawers I previously thought had little use. In the end, it became clear that for anyone looking to optimize their kitchen organization, embracing the drawer diva method truly is the best way. 

Stainless steel rotating spice rack

Here are a few of my favorite options but the final choice will be a matter of personal preference. One important tip is to measure your drawer for available space before making a purchase. Compare the dimensions listed in the product summary and pick the best options. 

Alternative Spice Storage Solutions

I had realized that drawers were not the only game in town for spice storage. Magnetic spice racks offered an easy solution, utilizing the unused spice on the side of my refrigerator to keep essential spices within easy reach. Such innovative methods empowered those of us with small kitchens or limited counter space to maximize vertical areas. 

Pull-out spice racks can become a game-changer, sliding out from the cabinet to reveal a neatly organized array of cooking spices.

For those who adore a touch of traditional elegance, wooden spice racks and wall-mounted spice rack options present a delightful way to display your kitchen spices. These racks could transform a simple kitchen wall into a focal point of culinary inspiration. 

Moreover, lazy susans provide a great solution for corner cabinets, making the most-used spices accessible with a simple spin. The versatility of these storage options mean that whether living in a small apartment with limited cabinet space or owning a larger home with ample kitchen storage, there is a tailor-made solution for everyone’s needs. 

Test tubes filled with spices stored in a stainless steel spice rack

For those with slightly more room, a pull-down spice rack affixed under an upper cabinet could serve as a great way to store spices within easy reach, yet out of sight. I marveled at how vertical space, often overlooked, could revolutionize kitchen storage. 

Handcrafting custom labels for glass jars can give a modern look while ensuring the easy identification of you most-used spices.  

sliding spice rack for a slim kitchen counter presents a great solution for those of us grappling with limited counter space yet eager for a spice storage system that blends functionality with aesthetic appeal. 

Discovering the joy in utilizing simple shelf dividers can convert a chaotic spice cupboard into a well-organized haven where your favorite spices find their new home in clear, individual spice jars. 

Maintaining Your Spices

Regular audits of your spice collection ensure there is always enough space, preventing clutter. Every few months, I devote time to this task. It involves examining the expiration date of each spice to ensure freshness. I discovered it was crucial in maintaining the quality of my cooking spices. 

spice rack

Reconsidering the layout of my kitchen storage became a semi-annual ritual. Spices that saw much use were kept within easy reach, while those used less frequently and extra spices can be stored toward the back of a cabinet shelf or on a top shelf. This system not only keeps your most-used spices at the forefront but also reminds you to utilize those that were hidden away, thus avoiding waste. 

Adopting these strategies can transform your kitchen into a functional space where creativity in cooking flows freely. The joy in finding just the right spice at just the right time can become a small, yet significant part of you cooking process. 

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  1. What cool ideas!! I am totally smitten with the BOLLEBYGD display box. It looks smallish and would probably look great among pictures and more as art on the wall. (p.s. I have opera glasses just like those mother of pearl ones in the case!!!)

    You absolutely should get the basket and add pom poms... so cut!!

    1. Mary Beth says:

      Thanks so much, Diane, and I agree about the display box. I thought it was so chic. How awesome that you have opera glasses. I don't think I've ever even seen a pair in real life but I've always thought they were so beautiful.