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Square collage of chic and affordable storage solutions from Ikea

My favorite storage solutions from Ikea.  They are chic, don't look cheap, and won't break your budget.

Yesterday was a good mail day. No bills and the Ikea 2019 Catalog. I saved it all day so that I could look through it during my quiet time at night before bed and I found so many wonderful storage solutions that I had to share them with you.

collage of chic and affordable storage solutions from Ikea

Affordable Chic Storage Solutions from Ikea

My FAVORITE Storage Solution

room divider with mesh screen to hang items including plants, purses, craft supplies, office supplies, and more from Ikea

(photo source: Ikea)

VEBERÖD Room divider, natural - $149.00

This is by far my favorite item in the entire Ikea 2019 Catalog. The vertical mesh feature is absolutely amazing. Think of all you could display, organize, and store using this little goodie! I don't have room in my house for this but I am considering ditching some items from my craft room just to get this beauty. It would be perfect in the kitchen, a home office, bedroom or any open space and seriously, for $149.00 it is a steal!

Combination bathroom chair and towel holder from Ikea

(photo source: Ikea)

RÅGRUND Chair with towel rack, bamboo - $49.99

This towel rack/chair is such a smart storage solution for the bathroom. Another of my favorites!

Set of 5 glass jars with cork lids from Ikea for only $14.99.

(photo source: Ikea)

SAXBORGA Jar with Lid and Tray, set of 5, glass and cork  - $14.99

The set above includes the cork tray! This is another storage solution that could be used in almost any room.

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gray storage sling from Ikea

(photo source: Ikea)

KALLAX Hanging organizer for accessories, light gray - $15.00

two pink magazine holders with geometric shapes on them from Ikea

(photo source: Ikea)

TJENA Magazine file, pink and black, 2 pack - $4.99

set of 3 seagrass storage baskets from Ikea

(photo source: Ikea)

FRYKEN Box with lid, set of 3, seagrass - $12.99

grey storage box from Ikea

(photo source: Ikea)

FJÄLLA Storage box with lid, dark gray - $7.99

chalkboard organizer from Ikea

(photo source: Ikea)

MÅLARNA Chalkboard organizer - $29.99

Even though the chalkboard trend has been going on for a while now, the functionality of a good chalkboard is something that can be used in almost every home to keep track of life.

basic glass jars with attached lids from Ikea

(photo source: Ikea)

KORKEN Jar with lid, clear glass - $3.99

I have a slew of these jars and seem to always find a reason to buy more! I'm going to be making refrigerator pickles soon with all of my garden cucumbers and I think I'll be picking up a few more of these. Not only are they great to carry the farmhouse theme throughout your home, but the functionality and price is hard to beat.

Black metal storage table from Ikea

(photo source: Ikea)

GUALÖV Storage table, black - $49.99

I have a large map table in my family room that takes up far too much room....it's beautiful but I think it will be making it's way to the thrift store. I'm eyeing up this storage table to replace it. Simple and Chic!

countertop organizer from Ikea - perfect for fruits and vegetables with small casters

(photo source: Ikea)

RISATORP Utility cart, white - $59.99

I'm still trying to grasp the size of this utility cart. It seems small to me so I'm going to scope it out in the store soon but in any case, it has caster wheels (which I love on just about anything) and it would be great for fruit and veggie storage in the kitchen.

black wire desk organizer from Ikea

(photo source: Ikea)

PLEJA Desk organizer, black - $9.99

I recently cleaned off my desk in an effort to open up the space but I'm thinking I need this desk organizer. It's wire and it looks cool...sometimes, that's all I need. 😉

black and glass wall organizer from Ikea

(photo source: Ikea)

BOLLEBYGD Display box - $14.99

kitchen cart, bar cart, from Ikea

(photo source: Ikea)

SUNNERSTA Utility cart - $29.99

This seems like a real bargain to me. It has the look of a bar cart, can easily be rolled around, and would be great for extra storage or entertaining and for only $29.99, I am definitely going to check this out!

seagrass basket with handles from Ikea

(photo source: Ikea)

FLÅDIS Basket, seagrass - $12.99

Have you seen baskets like this with pom poms on them? I may buy this, add some pom poms and use it in the living room for magazine storage. What would you use it for?

collage of affordable and chic storage solutions from Ikea

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  1. What cool ideas!! I am totally smitten with the BOLLEBYGD display box. It looks smallish and would probably look great among pictures and more as art on the wall. (p.s. I have opera glasses just like those mother of pearl ones in the case!!!)

    You absolutely should get the basket and add pom poms... so cut!!

    1. Mary Beth says:

      Thanks so much, Diane, and I agree about the display box. I thought it was so chic. How awesome that you have opera glasses. I don't think I've ever even seen a pair in real life but I've always thought they were so beautiful.