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Best Homemade Stain Remover

I have tried many stain removers over the years sometimes with good results and sometimes not.  I have been trying a lot of DIY recipes for cleaning products lately and this one definitely works.  I tried it on a set in stain {mud} on a white sock that I had soaked in bleach and used several store bought stain removers on without any success.  I also used this directly in the wash water with socks that I usually add bleach to but omitted the bleach today and did not soak the soaks ~ I just added 1/2 cup of the detergent booster to the hot water and laundered as usual.

I recycled a creamer bottle to use for my stain remover marking the side accordingly so that when I make this mixture again I don’t have to get out a measuring cup….just fill my ingredients to the appropriate markings.

 DIY Laundry Stain Remover {Pre~Treatment} and Detergent Booster

1 part baking soda

1 part hydrogen peroxide

2 parts water

Add all ingredients to container and shake.  You can use this in a spray bottle or another container of your choice.

***Cautionif you are using this in a container with a tight fitting lid be careful when you open the container, it does ‘pop’ open ~ not violently by any means but hold the container away from your face and eyes when opening just to avoid any problems.

This is out of the dryer ~ I am going to use the stain remover again the next time I launder this sock and this time let is sock for a few minutes before washing.  I’ll update the post when I do this.  : )

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