How to Make a Perfectly Patriotic American Flag Wreath

An American Flag Wreath is a wonderful, and easy to make, way to display patriotic décor from Memorial Day through Labor Day. It's also a lovely way to greet visitors to your home.

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American Flag Wreath with Burlap Bow on white front door

When I was a little girl growing up my Father flew the American flag for every national holiday.  

Our front porch had white pillars and I remember a silver bracket being attached to the pillar closest to the sidewalk.  I used to look forward to the days when the flag would be hung.   I loved to sit on the porch and just watch the flag blow gently with the wind.

Beautiful American Flag Wreath displayed on a front door

Moments like those (and so many more) helped to give me a love for this country and a deep sense of gratitude to be an American.

When I bought my house one of the very first things I did was buy an American flag, a pole and a bracket and I hung the flag proudly from my porch.  

I still fly the American Flag often.  Over the years I've gone through quite a few and have always retired them properly.  I did have one, though, that I have not taken the proper steps with (yet) and since the 4th of July is just around the corner I  decided to display it in the form of a beautiful wreath.

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*This post may contain affiliate links and I’ll earn a commission if you shop through them. You can read my full disclosure here.

How to Make a Beautiful American Flag Wreath

🇺🇸 Supplies

Overhead view of supplies used to make an American Flag Wreath

How to Make an American Flag Grapevine Wreath with a Burlap Ribbon

Two 18 inch grapevine wreaths stacked one on top of the other

Stack your grapevine wreaths directly on top of one another.

Attach a zip tie (cable tie) to each side of the wreath to hold them snugly together.

American flag folded in half to make an American Flag Wreath

Fold flag lengthwise in half as shown above.

Grapevine wreaths placed on top of American Flag for an American Flag Wreath

Place wreath on to the back of the folded flag.

American Flag folded to back of a grapevine wreath and hot glued in place

Pull the flag over the back of the wreath adjusting as necessary and hot glue in place.

American Flag Zip Tied in place to a Grapevine Wreath

Flip Wreath back over to the right side. Grab flag and drape in across the wreath. Use a Zip tie to hold the gather in place. Use another zip tie to attach the flag to the wreath.

Bowdabra Bow Maker

Adorn with a burlap bow and other ribbon as desired. I love to use a Bowdabra to make my bows or my homemade bow maker (full tutorial here for that method).

American Flag Wreath with Burlap Ribbon on Front Door

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Below is the Original Wreath along with Instructions Which Are Slightly Different Than the Instructions Above

This beautiful grapevine wreath literally took only 5 minutes to make and I needed only a few supplies.

Old Glory Patriotic Wreath DIY - Let me show you how to make this easy and patriotic wreath in less than 5 minutes!

What You Need:

Old Glory Patriotic Wreath DIY- Let me show you how to make this easy and patriotic wreath in less than 5 minutes!

American Flag Wreath - DIY Old Glory Grapevine Wreath
small grapevine wreath laying on top of a white sheet

I recycled a grapevine wreath that I previously used for autumn door decor.  I took everything off but there was one very stubborn faux hydrangea that refused to come off so I decided to go with it and just leave it in place.  Works for me! You could instead add some other greenery or a metal star in its place.

Back view of a grapevine wreath draped with an old American flag

I tucked the flag, stars to the left, over one side of the grapevine wreath, holding in place with safety pins.

Old American Flag being gently repurposed into a wreath

Drape the flag across the wreath gathering it with raffia and tied it tightly around the opposite side of the wreath.

Tie a small bunch of raffia in a bow allowing the ends to hang and flow with the striped side of the wreath.

The flag looks beautiful and gets another chance to be respected and admired and it's a wonderful way to welcome guests!

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