Christmas Coffee Recipe

Christmas Coffee

Overhead view of a cup of flavored coffee in a glass mug with whipped cream, sprinkled with cinnamon, and a cinnamon stick as a stirrer

Throughout most of my adult life, I have had coffee every morning. Sometimes, it's just me getting ready for the day ahead, having a cup (or two) and enjoying the quiet. 

Sharing the Moment

My favorite coffee moments, though, are those that I share. 

Sometimes, I have morning coffee with my oldest son or with my husband and usually, every afternoon my husband and I have a cup together just to talk. 

Coffee is something we bond over and it's something I look forward to each and every day and when it comes to Christmas and the holidays, I try to make it just a little more special with this easy-to-make Christmas Coffee

3 glass jars- one filled with ground cinnamon, one filled with ground cloves, and one filled with orange marmalade with chalkboard tags, red baker's twine, and chalkboard lettering

This recipe requires some very basic spices, one main ingredient, and the perfect coffee pot. 

I used the Mr. Coffee® Easy Measure coffee maker (hover the image above to find out more details and 'click' to order one for yourself or to give as a gift). 

Coffee's On

Coffee being poured into a Princess House glass coffee mug

Growing up, my husband's family owned a restaurant and one of his favorite memories is of coffee...all day! Which, I must admit, sounds a little bit like heaven to me. 

He remembers the aroma of fresh coffee and pots being made throughout the busy day and into the night. 

Fresh coffee being poured from a Mr. Coffee glass carafe into a glass mug

That memory is one I love to create in our own home. 

I like to make a pot and have it at the ready for not only the family but anyone that may drop in. 

Christmas coffee bar with fresh coffee and stir in flavorings

The holidays are the best time for friends and neighbors to stop by and when you open the door to invite them in and the smell of a fresh pot of Christmas coffee greets them, it is perfectly warm and welcoming. 

Another way to create that welcoming vibe is to have a small area set aside at the ready for guests....ours includes the Mr. Coffee® Easy Measure coffee maker, some pretty mugs and spoons, and coffee add-ins.

You'll be surprised how many guests and family members appreciate these special, easy touches. 

Sweet, Spicy, and Smooth Christmas Coffee Recipe

Now that I've shared the basics, let's get to the recipe.


Coffee grounds

½ teaspoon Ground Cinnamon

⅛ teaspoon Ground Cloves

¼ cup Orange Marmalade

Food grade cinnamon sticks *optional

Let's start with the basics, the Mr. Coffee® Easy Measure coffee maker. 

Mr. Coffee coffee maker with fresh water in a glass carafe

I enjoy using this coffee maker for so many reasons, including its ease of use and the consistent results achieved.

The new easy to use color-coded measuring system makes it simple to add the right amount of coffee grounds and water every time. The system gives guidance so there's no more guessing. You'll have consistently better-tasting coffee each and every time.

Another plus is the advanced water filtration system that further improves taste by removing impurities in water. I have hard water and this is an easy way to ensure that my coffee always tastes amazing. 

I started by filling my pot to the 6 cup line with fresh, cold water.

close up view of a Mr. Coffee glass carafe and a measuring scoop

Next, I grabbed the color-coded scoop and proceeded to add my coffee grounds. As you can see above, for 6 cups of coffee, I will use 1 ½ scoops of coffee grounds. Everything is color-coded which makes the process so easy and consistent. For this recipe, I'll be relying on the yellowish/orange coding. 

Mr. Coffee® is easy to use, uncomplicated, creates reliable results.

Pour the water into the back of the machine and continue to the next step. 

4 picture collage of coffee being placed into a coffee filter

I added the grounds to a coffee filter in the larger brew basket which holds 25% more coffee grounds when compared to the Mr. Coffee® 12 cup coffeemakers standard nylon filter. A larger brew basket means more coffee for friends and family which is a huge plus. It means more time sitting, chatting, and enjoying.  

Only Mr. Coffee® keeps it simple to make great coffee and as little or as much as you want so you can get on with life.

overhead view of ground cinnamon and coffee grounds

Next, I added ½ teaspoon of ground cinnamon to the coffee grounds.

Add ⅛ teaspoon cloves to the grounds as well, gently mixing to incorporate it into the grounds. 

close up view of a pretty glass jar filled with orange marmalade

The final ingredient is ¼ orange marmalade which you will add directly to the bottom of the carafe.

Place the carafe back in place and start brewing.

Christmas coffee being stirred with a wooden spoon

Once your pot is brewed, gently remove it from the maker and stir gently with a wooden spoon to mix in the marmalade.

Fresh Christmas coffee in a glass coffee mug on a saucer with powdered sugar and a fresh cinnamon stick

You're now ready to serve Christmas Coffee. I dusted a saucer with some cinnamon and powdered sugar and included a cinnamon stick for stirring.

Overhead view of Christmas coffee in a beautiful glass mug topped with whipped cream, sprinkled with cinnamon and stirred with a cinnamon stick

The coffee can be served as is or cream, sugar, and whipped cream can be added.

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