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RoC 5 in 1 Eye cream and floral-infused facial wipes

I have not always treated my skin as gently as I should have but thankfully it's not too late to do things the right way.  

My Favorite Eye Cream and Why I Love It!

Since I hit the big 3-0 (quite a while ago) I have been in pursuit of keeping my skin not only healthy looking but doing what I can to keep aging skin at bay.  To do that I like to combine homemade products with the best products I can buy.  Being a RoC ambassador has been wonderful for so many reasons one of them being having the opportunity to try some cutting edge products, four so far, and I have been very pleased with the results of using each of them.  For this post I have added RoC 5 in 1 Eye cream to my daily skin care routine.  

RoC 5 in 1 Eye cream and floral-infused facial wipes

RoC 5 in 1 Eye cream improves the look of dark circles, puffiness, dryness, dull tone and wrinkles with breakthrough HEXINOL® Technology.  In my personal experience I don't have puffiness or dryness but dull tone and crow's feet were making me a little crazy (a lot actually).  After using the product for a few weeks I noticed that my crow's feet had definitely improved and were far less noticeable and the dull tone was all but gone.   You can check out the testing that was done (and the awesome results) in this post from Good Housekeeping (click here!).  

Remember to be gentle with your eye area.  One of my favorite tips for applying eye cream is to do so with your ring finger.  You'll use less force and that's the idea! The skin around your eyes is very fragile and you need to be careful not to pull and tug at it.  

Floral Infused All-Natural Facial Wipes at

Now that we've discussed my favorite eye cream let's talk about a wonderful, all-natural, DIY skin refresher and facial wipe.  This is so easy to make, you'll love the aroma and your skin will feel amazing after using it.

DIY All-Natural Floral Infused Facial Wipes

Floral Infused All-Natural Facial Wipes at

Witch-Hazel Extract, 1 cup

Dried rose petals and lavender buds, ¼ cup each

Aloe-Vera gel, ⅓ cup

16 ounce lidded glass jar

fine strainer

cotton face pads

DIY All-Natural Flora-Infused Facial Wipes

small glass jar with lid

DIY All-Natural Flora-Infused Facial Wipes

Place the rose petals and lavender buds into the bottom of your lidded glass jar.  Cover slowly and gently with the witch-hazel extract.  Stir gently with a wooden spoon or your fingers.  Close lid and store in a dark cool place for 7 days.

DIY All-Natural Flora-Infused Facial Wipes

After one week pour the rose petal/lavender mixture through a strainer into a glass bowl removing the flowers.  Add the aloe-vera to the strained floral-infused witch-hazel combining well.  

DIY All-Natural Flora-Infused Facial Wipes
DIY All-Natural Flora-Infused Facial Wipes

Stack the cotton face pads in the smaller glass jar and cover with the witch-hazel aloe-vera mixture.  Close tightly and shake gently to fully immerse the cotton pads.


After cleansing your face morning and night or just when you want a pick me up, generously wipe your skin with a wipe! 

DIY All-Natural Flora-Infused Facial Wipes


For the hot summer months ahead you can store the floral-infused face pads in the refrigerator for an extra burst of cooling and refreshing.

*Recipe adapted from Mary Janes Farm Magazine/April-May 2016

If you enjoy homemade beauty products you can download 4 more by clicking here I will send you a free PDF to download and enjoy.

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  1. Lisa Hill says:

    I love to use homemade products to pamper my skin and these facial wipes seem easy to create. I can't wait to try it. Thanks for sharing.