Fourth of July Layered Beverages

Layered beverages are a breeze to make.  You can use any color combos you would like.  There is only one rule to remember ~ whichever of your liquids contains the MOST sugar will sink to the bottom, the next most sugar will comprise your middle layer and the least amount of sugar will be your top layer.

In honor of Independence Day I made these drinks Red, White and Blue.

How to make layered beverages

For this drink I used 100% Cherry Juice {this contained the highest amount of sugar}, Hawaiian Punch Berry Blue Typhoon {less sugar than the cherry juice but more than the 7 Up} and 7 Up Ten which contains no sugar.  If I had really been thinking I would have spent more time to come up with a combination that was really, Red, White and Blue but I had the kids with me...I was tired, hot and grumpy and after looking at the labels on umpteen beverages I chose this combination.

The trick to layering this is to add your ice cubes to your glass first, then your bottom liquid.  For the next layer you are going to use your ice cubes as a funnel of sorts to GENTLY add your next layer letting it slide gently down the ice cubes {YOU DO NOT want your layers to mingle}.  You final layer is added in the same way, very gently so as not to mingle your layers.

These are fun to make with the kids and as I said, you can customize the colors to just about any occasion.

Have a Happy and Safe Independence Day.  I'll be working today but will be reading the Declaration of Independence with my kids ~ a great reminder of the whole reason we in the USA celebrate this day!



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  1. Katherines Corner says:

    a sweet ,refreshing and patriotic colored drink for certain. xox