Getting the best properties in Dubai: Strategic places to buy real estate

As you plan and prepare to purchase properties in Dubai, research has revealed that some locations are more lucrative than others, but according to Emirates. Estate, is not only a function of the place, location, city area. Some equal institutions and locations can drive real estate sales around them. This article will dissect these factors.

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Areas that drive sales in Dubai – hot spots for real estate

The whole of Dubai has been marketed as a real estate honeypot, such that for expats and foreigners, it appears like all you have to do is invest in Dubai, and you will do great. What the propaganda has failed to tell you, however, is that some areas are more profitable than others. Even in the prime communities of Dubai, a person may earn more than their co-investor on the same kind of property due to location factors, and other tips will be revealed below.

If you are searching for properties for sale in Dubai for expats and you want quick returns and better ROI, you should look into the key locations such as:

1. Business Bay

Business Bay is the least expected location, especially for foreigners yet to enter the market and learn its intricacies. The Bay area is highly lucrative due to its mixture of purposes – it serves both commercial and residential communities, thereby having a fair mix of all classes of persons. There is less recreation in this part of the town compared to the locations solely built for tourism, like the Jumeirah areas, Downtown Dubai, etc. It is a quick-fix investment, particularly where you are targeting business rentals and residential units for locals.

2. Downtown Dubai

Downtown houses the world’s tallest structure – with rooms and units up for grabs and various luxury hotels that delight the place. However, equally premium real estate properties are currently being marketed in the region for local Emiratis, business people, and those searching for residential unit properties. Downtown Dubai is also lively with restaurants and bistros, clubs, roadside foods, etc., among many others. Recreational facilities in the area give all kinds of relaxation options for residents. The commercial wealth of the area makes the real estate sector boost there, thereby making it a viable location for investments.

3. Palm Jumeirah

Beautiful view of Keyhole building in Palm Jumeirah

The Palm Jumeirah is one of Dubai’s prime locations of all time. Right from its commissioning in 2001, it has been the star of the show in the Dubai property market such that by 2006, 75% of its residential units had been completed and purchased, with over 500 families residing on the Island. The population has since increased to over ten thousand people in the area. Beyond its aesthetical beauty of being an artificial and beautiful unit of property, Palm Jumeirah is also a fun place to live in, with many magnetic features. As an economic, social, and luxurious center in Dubai, Palm Jumeirah makes for an excellent investment spot. Returns are likely to be faster and higher than in other locations with less turnover and lower patronage.  

4. Dubai Marina

Overhead view of the Dubai Marina

Fourthly, is the Dubai Marina, which is not only a prime location for a long evening walk but also a quality investment option for ex-pats and Emiratis alike. The Dubai Marina has a decent mix of companies and businesses, a buoyant and busy atmosphere, the beauties of the Marina water side, etc. That is not to mention the clear access to the backdrop of the Burj Khalifa, signaling reasonable proximity to all of the places that matter. Properties in the Dubai Marina have a minimum of about 6% per annum growth and promising turnover, especially in sales situations. 

5. Jumeirah Lake Towers (JLT)

The Palm of Jumeirah and its Crescent may be excellent places to live, but if you live in Dubai, you will agree that they are not the only ‘happening’ place in the Jumeirah area. The Jumeirah Lake Towers is another excellent business opportunity for all kinds of buyers and various ranges of properties. For example, the tower has varying sizes of rooms and units, from the large to the smaller units for families and single people respectively. The JLT has also shown significant resistance against the fall in price in comparison to other towers and locations.

6. The Greens and Views

Lastly, this article would like to introduce to you - The Greens and Views. A spectacular array of modern apartments and units for purchases, sales, and rentals, etc., the Greens and Views are credited for their lushness and a specific focus on global preservation while also incorporating beautiful themes

A property hack – things around you are a clue

If you are familiar with real estate, you will agree that the presence of certain structures or institutions can significantly bring sales to the area. So, it is not so much about how beautiful the location is, check what centers are around because some are investment and ROI drivers, such as the following:

  1. Nightlife bars and lounges
  2. Beaches and pools
  3. Malls, cinemas, and playgrounds
  4. Significant infrastructure, etc.

These are customer drivers and can improve sales in an area.

Buying for profitability in parts of Dubai

Finally, this article aims to settle the question of where and what type of units you should consider when investing in real estate in Dubai. It also perches on matters of cost location and profitability ratio. Depending on your cost and long-term plans for the property, you are advised to look into the regions identified earlier in this blog post because they are high-profit yielding.  Perhaps it would also suffice to include that knowing your business, understanding its highs and lows, and mastering the issue of positioning and correct placement for maximum profitability are key in investing and getting all the desired answers. So, what do you do for now? Seek expert guidance and stay connected on the right channels for premium news and directions.

This article suggests that in order to invest in profitable real estate in Dubai, it is important to consider factors such as cost, location, and profitability ratio. It advises looking into high-profit-yielding regions and seeking expert guidance for the best results.

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