How to Make a Halloween Candy Corn Inspired Pom Pom

I love the look of tissue paper pom poms and I like to hang things from the ceiling around my house….I’m still trying to figure out how I can incorporate my disco ball into the decor of my living room.  I had my polka dot paper lanterns hanging in my dining room for months so it was time to take those down and put up something else….enter, Candy Corn Pom Poms.

You can make these in any color or color combination and the cost is next to nothing.  I wanted to have some big ones just to pack some color punch in the kitchen and dining room and since I like candy corns (are you surprised?) I went with that color combo.

How To Make Candy Corn Pom Poms

You will need:

Tissue paper ~ 2 sheets of white tissue paper, 4 sheets of orange tissue paper, 2 sheets of yellow tissue paper approximately 30 inches x 18 inches each sheet

Ribbon ~ your choice of color and length ~ mine is 18 inches long

1.  Stack your tissue paper from the bottom up ~ white on the bottom, orange on top of that finishing with the yellow facing upwards.

2.  Now begin to fold your tissue paper as one unit, folding approximately 1 1/2 inches up (the long side is the side you fold from).  Think accordion fashion or fan (just like when you were little and hot and made a paper fan).  Continue folding to the very end.  In all likelihood, your very last row will look a little wonky ~ no need to worry about that.


3.  Make sure your folds are nice and crisp but don’t be too rough because this can rip.

4.  Cut an outward v-shape on each end from the center point out making about a 1 1/2 inch on each side.

5.  Find the midportion and tie on your ribbon.

Now fan your pom pom apart being gentle with tissue ~ hang and enjoy your Candy Corn Pom Pom.


hugs, mb new logo March 2016