Amazon Alexa Skills Printable

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Do you have an Amazon Alexa device, either an Echo, a Show, or any other device and can't remember all of the skills?

Amazon Alexa Skills Printables

Overhead view of a cute buffalo check printable for keeping track of Amazon Alexa Echo Skills with brown ribbon and green fern leaves

A few months ago, I bought my oldest son an Amazon Show (which I want!) and I got myself an Echo after I saw how awesome his device was and for Christmas, my oldest son bought me another Echo so that I could link mine and hear music, podcasts, etc., throughout the house. He's thoughtful like that. 

Echo (2nd Generation) - Smart speaker with Alexa - Charcoal Fabric
Well, now, I have two Alexa devices and one of my biggest issues with them is that I can't remember all of the skills I have enabled.

All-new Echo Show (2nd Gen) – Premium sound and a vibrant 10.1” HD screen - Charcoal

That got me thinking, that maybe you're like me and would like a way to refer to your skills easily so I created these free printables using my new favorite design, Buffalo check, as the background.

Black and White Buffalo Check Printable with 4 Amazon Alexa Skills Blank Sheets

I created these in Black and White Buffalo Check,

Red and White Buffalo Check Free Printable Amazon Alexa Skills sheet, 4 per page

Red and White Buffalo Check, and

Sheet of blue and white Buffalo Check printables to use for remembering Amazon Alexa Skills

Blue and White Buffalo Check. 

Click below each picture to download that specific colored printable or click on the photo itself.

There are 4 per sheet so that you can keep them on your refrigerator, by your desk, on your nightstand, in the laundry room, wherever you access your Alexa.

What are your favorite Alexa skills? 

You can find my other free Printables here. 

Pinterest image of three sheets of 4 each buffalo check printables to use to keep track of Amazon Alexa Skills easily

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