How To Soften Butter Quickly

If you need to soften butter quickly do not microwave it.  Instead, try this super easy one-minute trick and you'll be ready to start baking or buttering a slice of fresh-baked bread in no time.

Soften butter in one minute without microwaving it- kitchen tips from cupcakesandcrinoline.comWhat you'll need:
How to soften butter quickly - empty glass and plate

A plate, a glass, and some hot water.

How to do it:

Place butter on a plate large enough that you can top with a glass.

How to soften butter quickly - glass of hot water.Add hot water to the glass.  Allow to sit for approximately one minute; until the glass is very warm.

How to soften butter quickly - butter under glass.Dump water and QUICKLY dry the glass.  Now invert it on top of the butter.
Soften butter quickly - slice it up!Wait about 30 seconds, remove the glass and your butter should be soft enough for baking or whatever else you needed it softened for.

*if the butter isn't soft enough just yet, repeat the above process.

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