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Pretty Little Bouquets - Crafting With Nature

When it comes to Mother's Day I like the little things.  Notes from the kids, homemade cards (even if they're made on notebook paper), flowers picked from the yard and breakfast in bed.  Burnt eggs and dry toast always makes me happy especially if there's coffee with it!   Pretty Little Bouquets

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Because my Mom has been gone for such a long time I don't really think about the giving aspect of Mother's Day but sometimes I pretend she's still here and I ponder what I would give her.  

My Mom was my biggest fan.  From the time I was little on anytime I made anything she loved it.  No matter what it was.  Since she always appreciated the things I made, and displayed them proudly, I know that I would make her something and I would elicit my kids to help me with it.

Crafting with Nature by Amy ReneaA few months ago a wonderful blogging friend of mine, Amy Renea, who I've known for years sent me a copy of her book, Crafting with Nature.  The book is beautiful with lovely photos and so many awesome ideas.  When I got the book I couldn't put it down.  A few weeks ago I picked it up again and that's when the idea hit and I knew that if my Mom were still here I would make her something inspired by one of Amy's crafts.

Wood Burner and Wood Burner TipsI have a wood burner.  I got it on clearance at Target.  I have it in a box.  I never opened the box, but then....I saw a craft using wooden discs and a wood burner.  That got me thinking.....Wood burning for MomFirst off, I chose 3 wooden discs.MOM 5 Woodburner DiscsThen, using my wood burner (which I was sure would leave me scarred for life but didn't) I emblazoned the letters M, O, M (and a little star) onto the wood.  I also made a 5 (my favorite number) and another with my husband's and my initials on it - I was thinking of carving your initials in a tree except a smaller version! 😉

I cheated and didn't grab a branch from the yard, I instead bought a package of birch wood discs at Joann Fabrics.  I know, I know....I should have stayed true to Crafting with Nature but it was so cold and rainy when I made this that I didn't feel like going out into the yard, finding a branch and then waiting for it to dry...I got lazy.  

Wood Burner customized magnets - Crafting with Nature at cupcakesandcrinoline.comNow, the original craft called for the wooden discs to be made into magnets, which I did for two of them....but then I thought of making a rustic wall hanging...Driftwood and wooden disc hanging signI went into the garage and grabbed a stick that the kids had brought home from a day at the beach and that was my hanger.  I drilled small holes into the top of 3 of the discs, wove a string through each letter and then hung them from the looked cute but wasn't quite what I was looking for so back to the drawing board I went.MOMI had 3 wooden discs with holes in them and strings....what to do?Fresh flowers for Mother's Day from CostcoI bought some fresh flowers and then....Mason Jar Bouquets and JB at cupcakesandcrinoline.comI decided to add them to mason jars (mason jars are pretty much perfect for anything and everything).  That's one of my guys behind the still my heart ♥ 🙂MOM Mason Jar Bouquets for Mother's DayOnce I had my jars filled with flowers I added a ribbon and the wooden discs to each jar. Mother's Day DIY. Personalize Mason Jars with a Wooden Disc Charm using a wood burner to add detail. Crafting with Nature. cupcakesandcrinoline.comThen, I decided to switch things up once again and I used a small bouquet from Aldi's.  

I'm not sure which I like better but I regardless, in my pretend world where my Mother is still with me I know she would have liked either...and she would have displayed her Mother's Day Bouquets proudly.  



Rustic Charm Decor, Mason Jar Bouquets with wooden disc embellishment made with a wood burner. Crafting with Nature at cupcakesandcrinoline.comA huge thank you to Amy for sending me her book and some crafting supplies.  If you are looking to make Mom a gift or to buy her a book filled with gorgeous pictures and wonderful crafting ideas pick up a copy of Amy's book at Amazon or anywhere quality books are sold.  hugs, mb new logo March 2016



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  1. Oh m! These are sooo sweet! The wood burn is an adorable addition too!
    Happy Mother's Day - a wee bit early!