Revealed: Top 10 Clipart Searches in the US

The top 10 clipart searches have been revealed in the United States. Creative design experts Design Bundles used internet search data to discover the most popular clipart images.

Internet search terms were tracked and recorded to show which clipart were most popular. Unsurprisingly in December the search term Christmas clipart was the overwhelming favorite. This placed number one with 22,200 searches which was over 10,000 more than flower clipart at second place.

With many business and marketing projects happening in December it is little wonder Christmas clipart is searched for so often. Clipart is an easy way to add a Christmas theme to a document, report, or marketing project. From a less corporate standpoint, Christmas clipart is an excellent way to spruce up decorations or Christmas cards in time for the festivities.

Let's find out which other clipart images are favored in the US.

RankDecember 2021Searches
1Christmas clipart22,200
2Flower clipart12,100
3Star clipart12,100
4Word clipart9,900
5Heart clipart8,100
6Sun clipart8,100
7Tree clipart8,100
8Car clipart6,600
9Cat clipart6,600
10Dinosaur clipart6,600

Flower Clipart ranked number two

Flower clipart was searched for 12,100 times in December. This is likely to be a year-round favorite as it is unlikely to be affected by the time of the year like Christmas clipart. Certain flowers have distinct symbolic meanings such as red roses and love.

However, collectively flowers are a neutral, yet highly engaging image. This means they are a perfect feature for a multitude of illustrations. Flower clipart is a great resource for decorating almost any background. Whether that be pages for websites, party decorations, marketing content, or birthday cards for example.

Flowers are a universally celebrated symbol, meaning almost any project can be made more attractive using flower clipart. It is, therefore, unsurprising people search for this feature over 12,000 times each month.

Star clipart ranked third

Star clipart was the third most searched for term in December. The popularity of this style was again likely to have been influenced Christmas. Many people will decorate Christmas materials such as stickers, newsletters, or websites with star clipart. This is to represent the star of Bethlehem.

However, the star clipart can be used on multiple secular projects also. For example in the background of a classroom where students are studying astronomy. Most of all the star is one of the most recognizable visually striking icons to use in any content.

With 12,100 searches the star is one of the favorite clipart images.

Word clipart fourth favorite

Word clipart was searched for 9,900 times in December. Many people search the web to find out how to use clipart in Microsoft Word. There are many tutorials that pop up when searching the term 'word clipart' showing users how to do this.

This is why the popularity is unlikely to be because of the image itself. However, there are many text-based images that people will be searching for.

Heart clipart ranked fifth

The heart clipart was searched for 8,100 times in December making it the fifth most popular style. Again this is perhaps season-dependent. In December, with Christmas and Valentine's Day just around the corner, lovers may use heart images to show their love.

A heart is the perfect image to represent love and may be used on Christmas or valentines day cards for example. Heart images may be attached to personal emails or business content such as press releases. They may also be used to create; decorations for parties, wedding invites, corporate presentations, or dozens of other services that require images.

What is Clipart?

With the announcement of the m0st searched for clipart image on the web, many people will be wondering - what actually is clipart?

Cliparts are images or pictures that can be collectively put on a document or program. They are more versatile than some other image types, as they can be raster graphics or vector graphics. You can drag these graphics onto other programs such as image editing software.

Raster graphics such as jpg images cannot be resized without distorting the image. However, a vector image will retain its quality when re-sized.

These pictures are typically simplified images that can be used in a wide range of applications. These can be either hand-drawn or digitized. The main difference between this and other promotional images is that clipart is not stock photos. All the images are illustrations only, not photos.

Why should I use Clipart instead of other pictures?

Clipart is a more universal image, encompassing a theme in a way that a photo often cannot. They are often a more professional/decorative style than a stock image. The images are more user-friendly from a design perspective. There are many different shapes you can drag into a project to make content more attractive, such as a corner logo.

With a photo, this is harder to do because of the standard rectangular shape.


The most popular clipart in the US is Christmas clipart. As the study was conducted in winter it is likely that this is why it is so popular. Businesses, schools, and the public will be using this type of image for a variety of Christmas-related projects. with 22,200 searches it is the most popular search term on the web by over 10,000 searches.

The rest of the categories were mainly highly versatile, highly engaging, and classic symbols such as:

  • Flowers
  • Stars
  • Love hearts

However, the other search term in the top five was word clipart. This is likely because people search online to find out how to use clipart in Microsoft Word.

Cliparts should not be confused with stock images or photographs as they are illustrations only. A designer can easily drop and drag clipart into a project, making it more user-friendly, and more stylistic. For this reason, they are often better used in a professional or decorative setting than other images.

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