Darling Pink Vintage Truck Valentine's Day Printable

I know that so many of you love vintage decor! I do to and have been a big fan of vintage truck decor including printables so I decided to make a free Pink Vintage Truck Valentine's Day Printable just for you.

Pink Vintage Truck with hearts in the bed of the truck - free printable from The How To Home

Vintage Truck Printables

This is a continuation of the Vintage Truck printables for the holidays and seasons and is Vintage Truck Printable #2. You can check out Vintage Truck Printable #1 - Christmas here.

Valentine's Day Pink Vintage Truck Printable in Frame

Click the picture above or HERE to download your free 8.5 x 11" copy.

And Some More Valentine's Day Printables

I got a little excited and updated this post to include another cute printable just for you!

If you love gnomes (like this Dollar Store Gnome I made last year) then chances are, you'll like these.

A cute little gnome on the back of a vintage truck (I can't get enough of these trucks) surrounded by hearts and some little love birds.

I made one with a plain white background which you can download here or by clicking the photo above.

And, another one with a pink plaid background which you can download here.

Let me know which is your favorite! I'd love to know so I can make some more.

Have a very Happy Valentine's Day!

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Here's link to the frame I like to use for my printables and here is the paper I use.

If you have little or enjoy coloring yourself, here is a fun set of Heart Coloring Pages and a simple recipe for delicious White Chocolate Popcorn!

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