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My $15.00 Thrift Store Find – Wm Rogers and Son Silverware

Hello friends! Today I have something totally laid back and fun to share with you.  I joined with some blogger friends and together we’re the thrifty style team! We’ll share with you some of our favorite thrifty things – whether it’s things we were given, we bought or found on the side of the road everything shared is thrifty! 

Thrifty Style Team

I’m sharing with you one of my favorite thrift store finds…..ever!

My $15.00 Thrift Store Jackpot 2

The story of my find is pretty simple.  I was in Columbus, Ohio, with my kids (they were attending a function) and my sister-in-law was there as well with her kids.  Now, my SIL is the queen of smart shopping.  We decided to scope out as many thrift stores as possible in the area and see if we could find any bargains.

Wm Rogers and Son Silverware Case

I had been looking on and off for years for a set of antique silverware.  I had almost given up all hope until I saw the case above on the shelves of one of the stores we visited.  The case looked sort of bland…not promising at all but it was in the housewares section and I was curious.

When I first unfolded the case I let out a gasp….

Wm Rogers and Son Silverware Set

It was filled with an almost complete set of silverware…

Wm Rogers and Son Silverware from the Thrift Store

It was beautiful but before I got my hopes up I thought I better check out the price….

Wm Rogers and Son Thrift Store Silverware

The entire set was under $15.00!!! I can’t remember the exact price but I know I was not going to leave the store without it.  

Vintage Silverware in an Atlas Mason Jar

The silverware does tarnish quickly no matter how often I polish it so I’ve taken to just enjoying the tarnish a bit.  I place a few pieces at a time in an antique Atlas Mason Jar I have and it sits on a shelf in my dining room.  I don’t think we’ve ever actually eaten with any of the pieces but I do like having it simply because.  

Thanks so much for stopping by and be sure to check out the other lovely thrifty gals and find out what their favorite thrifty finds are.
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Saturday 14th of May 2016

Wow, what a gorgeous find! Great job spotting these!


Saturday 14th of May 2016

I also have gotten thrifted silverware from various sources, even eBay! We use it as everyday silver (except with egg products--they immediately tarnish it). I rarely have to polish it because with use and washing, it stays gleaming! I do handwash it though because putting it in the dishwasher seems to turn it yellowish. Also, to remove tarnish, line a plastic dishpan with two sheets of heavy aluminum foil long enough to overlap two sides. Add Arm and Hammer Baking soda detergent, fill with boiling water, swish to dissolve it, place silver in the pan so that it touches the foil. As it touches, it immediately removes the tarnish like magic!


Friday 13th of May 2016

Hi, visiting from "the picket fence" , and your posting called my attention. I used to work at a jewelry counter, a few yrs ago, and there's a special cloth that we laid on the bottom of the drawers to keep our pure silver from tarnishing. I works: 3M anti tarnishing silver cloth" . Congratulations on your finding, is beautiful, I've been hunting for one too.

Mary Beth

Friday 13th of May 2016

Thank you so much for the information, Wilma, and thank you for stopping by! I will buy some of that cloth and I can't wait to try it. Have a wonderful weekend!

Vanessa Hunt

Wednesday 11th of May 2016

Jackpot! What an awesome find Mary Beth!

Mary Beth

Friday 13th of May 2016

Thank you so much, Vanessa!