Adding Flexibility and Style to Equine Spaces With Portable Horse Stalls

Do you want to make your equine stalls more accommodating and flexible? Do you need temporary, comfortable overnight accommodations for a few horses? Portable horse stalls may be the solution, and with more flexibility and customization than ever, you can easily make your next event more equine-friendly.

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What Are Portable Horse Stalls?

Portable horse stalls are temporary structures that provide limited shelter to horses. A portable horse stall is useful when welcoming guests with horses to an event. They may also be necessary when hosting a race or other equine-themed festival. Although transportable, portable horse stalls should be sturdy, comfortable, durable, and easy to install.

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Why Portable Horse Stalls for Your Next Event?

Portable horse stalls can be a more cost-efficient and practical option when you only need short-term accommodations. Installing permanent horse stalls can be expensive and may take up valuable land if you don’t need that much shelter in the long term. Portable, temporary horse shelters are perfect for:

  • Festivals
  • Showgrounds
  • Racetracks
  • Private horse events
  • Expos

Some horse owners may also invest in their own portable horse stall materials if they frequently travel from event to event. Of course, temporary horse stalls may also be a great solution for safely housing horses during your home's repairs, maintenance, or renovations. Modern materials and renovations can boost your home’s appeal but can scare on-site horses.

Portable horse stalls are also a better solution than temporary garage or shed housing. A temporary stall is specifically designed for the horse’s comfort and safety, whereas a steel or metal garage will usually require special HVAC installation for optimal comfort. Transforming a shed for horse comfort can also be more expensive than a temporary stall.

How To Choose the Right Portable Horse Stalls

You need portable equine accommodations for your next event. What now? How do you choose the right company? How do you know how many stalls you need? How do you deliver the temporary stall materials, and who is responsible for installing them? The answer to many of these questions depends on the temporary horse stall provider you choose. Here are a few things to consider when equipping your next event with temporary horse stalls.

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Number of Stalls

Consider how many temporary stalls you need. You might request horse owners to RSVP to the event ahead of time so you can get a good idea of how many stalls you need. You could also order a few extra to ensure you don’t run out of stalls. Some festivals may charge a nightly fee for overnight equine accommodations, and doing so in advance can help you better predict your temporary stall needs.

Size of Stalls

A standard horse stall is 12 feet by 12 feet, which is comfortable for an average 1,000-pound horse. Temporary horse stalls may be smaller, usually around 10 feet by 10 feet. However, having a good idea of the horse type and sizes attending the event can help you choose the right stall sizes.

Stall Design

A traditional horse stall is square or rectangular in shape, with multiple stalls installed side by side. However, you can get more flexible with stall designs when they’re temporary. You can also choose from a wide range of material types. Ideally, you want something durable that will hold up well against the weather. You also need something that is lightweight enough to transport to and from events. Many temporary horse stalls can be installed in as little as five minutes.

Installation Process

Hosting an event takes a lot of work, and you don’t need another task added to your long to-do list. When considering your temporary equine accommodation options, consider choosing a company that handles both delivery and installation. Professional installation also ensures the temporary stall is installed correctly, which means safer accommodations for your guests and horses.

Companies that take care of installation also tend to do the teardown. This saves you time and labor after the festival. Professionals on-site can also quickly respond to any shelter concerns you might have.

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Stall Material

Similar to permanent horse stalls, temporary solutions come in many different material types and designs. The tricky part about choosing the right horse stall materials is that you need something that’s both durable and transportable. Galvanized steel is a great material option because it meets both of these requirements and is rust-proof. Careful welding and smooth joints are also important to ensure your overnight equine accommodations are safe for everyone. Festival organizers for unique events might want to consider a custom stall design.

Horse expos, festivals, or races, portable horse stalls meet a wide range of needs. When you need easy to install equine accommodations that are also safe and durable, temporary stalls may be the solution. Of course, doing your research and choosing the best temporary stall company ensures your guests and horses are safe and satisfied.

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