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Adult coloring is all the rage but until last week I hadn’t taken the plunge to try it.  I thought, “oh, pish pash, I don’t have time for that”, but then, I got curious.  I mean, it couldn’t hurt to try it, right?  

The urge hit me after I dropped my hubby and my two oldest sons off at the gym and my youngest son and I went to Michaels (yes, we always shop on these occasions!).  We walked in the door and there was a display filled with adult coloring books.  My interest peaked.  Then, I found a colorful display of Prismacolor pencils.  So. Many. Colors.  It was then I knew I had to give this a try so off I went to the register with my pencils.  Adult coloring page and Prismacolor pencilsWhen I got home that night, after feeding the sweaty hoard (my family after the gym) I chose a free coloring page (“Click here and select “free pages” to download your own free Prismacolor coloring pages!) and started coloring…and coloring and coloring.  

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