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My Best Thrift Store Haul So Far – A Moet and Chandon Punch Bowl

My best thrift store find ever! A Moet and Chandon Punch Bowl for only $4.99.
Moet and Chandon Punch Bowl and other Thrift Store Finds

Hello, friends! Welcome to this month’s Thrifty Style Team post.  It’s one of my favorite posts of the month because everyone participating shares something thrifty!

Thrifty Style Team Fall 2017

This month, I’m sharing my thrift store finds from a recent trip to Chicago.  I always LOVE to go thrift store shopping in Chicago but, this time I had to control myself. I used to have a big ole Armada that could hold everything and then some, but now, I have a crossover and my husband had to remind me as I was filling my cart with finds that I wouldn’t have room….and he was right. 😉 When we were packing up the car for our trip home, I literally ran out of room. *sigh* So, this is what I was able to buy.  Not my usual over-the-top haul but still a few goodies.

Moet and Chandon Silver Champagne Bowl

The first item I eyed up at the store was this beautiful silver plating over pewter Moet & Chandon punch bowl.  Since we were on vacation this was the bowl before I had a chance to polish it up, which I’m still in the process of doing. It’s taking a lot of elbow grease but it is even shinier and more beautiful now.

Moet & Chandon Champagne Bowl for $4.99

Here is the best part.  One of my sisters-in-law told us that Savers (a thrift store in Chicago) was having a half off day.  EVERYTHING in the store was half off the ticketed price which means I bought this beautiful bowl for $4.99!!!! Once we got home I did some research and these can go at auction for over $200.00 or more….SCORE!

Geneva Illinois Crock

The next item to make it into my cart was this crock marked Geneva Illinois.  I’m not sure of its authenticity but it was only $2.50 so I felt I needed it. 😉

Vintage tin snips / garden shearers

When I first spied these snips I thought they might have been vintage garden shears but the more I looked at them, I’m pretty sure they are probably antique tin snips.  I’m going to use them in vignettes with a gardening or floral focus, like I did in this farmhouse autumn tray display, so even though they’re not for gardening, I’m pretending they are.

Hobnail three-legged vase

This three-legged hobnail milk glass vase was too cute to pass up, and it was only $1.50!Wooden bowl

Now, this wooden do hicky (what is THIS????) was only $2.00 and I liked it, so it made the cut.

Moet and Chandon Punch Bowl

While we were away, we stayed at my sister-in-law’s house….which is huge.  So, while we were there, I had ROOM to take pictures and really have fun with my camera, which in my very small house, is almost impossible.  So, on the day I took these pictures, my youngest son and I pretty much had the house to ourselves, so I let him take over the photo shoot from this point.  He did amazing! First, he removed the price sticker from the Moet & Chandon punch bowl…..he thought it was tacky (but I wanted you all to see the deal I got!).

Fresh cut hydrangea blooms

Then, he went outside to the garden and used the vintage tin snips to cut these beautiful hydrangeas.

Fresh cut hydrangeas in wooden bowl - farmhouse style

He then styled them in the wooden do hicky with the vintage snips….

Farmhouse style hydrangea display in wooden bowl with vintage garden clippers

and he started to snap away….I think he did a really good job! I was in the background enjoying space….a fresh cup of coffee, and silence…..

Crock filled with fresh cut hydrangeas

He also filled the crock with some of the hydrangeas…..

Crock filled with fresh cut hydrangeas

and added the snips….I think he did a pretty good job (but I am partial to him!).

Marble Table with Thrift Store Finds

And there you have it… most recent thrift store haul!

And here are the other lovely ladies who are part of the Thrifty Style Team….check out what they’re sharing this month below!

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Thrift Store finds including a Moet & Chandon Silver Plated Punch Bowl


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