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How To Make A Coffee Filter Wreath

How to Make a Shabby Chic Coffee Filter Wreath. The perfect year-round neutral decor.

How-to make a beautiful and inexpensive coffee filter wreath with a beautiful, ruffly, shabby chic look. Get the full tutorial at Home with Cupcakes and Crinoline.

I love to decorate and try “new” decor but to be honest, I don’t like the money it can cost even if you DIY a project yourself so that’s why I’m always looking for crafts that are budget-friendly, i.e., cheap! Autumn's in the Air Fall Home Blog TourI had seen big, beautiful, ruffly, frilly, shabby chic wreaths on Pinterest last year and made one but never shared the tutorial here until I shared my Fall Home Tour the other day and had a few comments about the wreath above and below,

Autumn in the Air - Fall Home Tour

and thought there was no better time than NOW to share the easy tutorial with you.

How To Make a Coffee Filter Wreath

Supplies for Coffee Filter Wreath - NO T PINS

Source List/Supplies

Make It Fun Foam Wreath – 18 inches

300, yep, 300 natural coffee filters – you can also use the white ones

Floral Pins – at LEAST 300 – the photo above shows T-Pins but don’t waste your time with those.  I didn’t like my results and switched to the floral pins. which I felt anchored the filters better.


Coffee Filter for Coffee Filter Wreath

Separate coffee filters.  I did about 15 to 20 at a time.  You could have the kids help with this 🙂

Coffee Filter Wreath - fold filter in half

Fold filter in half and flatten slightly.

Coffee Filter Folded in half again (fourths) for Coffee Filter Wreath

Fold in half again – the filter will now be in fourths – and flatten slightly.  The pointed area at the bottom is what you’ll be attaching to the wreath form.

Enjoy the ruffly beauty! Coffee Filter Wreath
Enjoy the ruffly beauty!

Attach folded filters to styrofoam wreath staggering across the wreath using floral pins.

Attach folded filters to wreath staggering across the wreath.  In some areas there will be three filters across and in other areas, two.  You want these to be snug up against each other to fill in the wreath so that there are no white areas on the front or the sides showing.

Attach folded filters to styrofoam wreath staggering across the wreath using floral pins.

Keep going and going……

Attach folded filters to styrofoam wreath staggering across the wreath using floral pins.

I worked on mine while watching TV with the family.  It took me a few nights but if you’re focused, you can probably complete it in one evening.

DIY Shabby Chic Coffee Filter Wreath

That’s all there is to it! So what do you think?

Easy DIY Coffee Filter Wreath Tutorial



Saturday 13th of February 2021

Would it work with a hot glue gun?

Mary Beth

Saturday 13th of February 2021

Hi Megan, I'm not sure if that would be a good option. Since the wreath base is styrofoam, the hot glue might melt it and make a mess. You could try using the hot glue on a small portion of the wreath just to see how it works.

Jackie Goodrich

Thursday 18th of June 2020

Hi Mary Beth.....I was just wondering if you used a pin for every single filter or did you secure a few at a time?

Mary Beth

Thursday 18th of June 2020

Hi Jackie, I secured a few at a time.

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Rebekah Purnell

Tuesday 3rd of October 2017

I was thinking if it wasn't such a pain it would also look great with the ends lightly painted. It is beautiful white though.


Thursday 2nd of May 2019

I’ve done this with colored filter tips. Just take one bunch at a time and color them with ink pad refill and a round bristled brush. Let dry and then separate them. They look beautiful! Did a red, white and blue also for the 4th of July.

Mary Beth

Tuesday 3rd of October 2017

Thank you, Rebekah! I've seen tutorials where you can dye just the tips of the filters before adding them to the wreath with Rit Dye - that might work but with as many filters as you need for a wreath it might take a while to do that.