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The SIMPLR™ Way to Protect Your Stuff and a $150 Amazon Gift Card Giveaway

SIMPLR™ disclosure

The Smart and SIMPLR™ Way to Protect Your Stuff

I always love when I find out about a new product or service that’s not only awesome but USEFUL! Today I want to share what I learned about how easy it is to protect your stuff with SIMPLR™ and not only will you learn something to make your life easier but you can also enter to win a $150.00 Amazon Gift Card.

There will be 30 ~ yes 30 winners! 


Gadgets and gizmos cost MONEY ~ and sometimes they cost lots of money.  The last thing you want to have happen is for any of your precious goodies to stop working and if they do you don’t want to have to worry about how you’re going to pay to get them fixed.  This is where SIMPLR™ comes to the rescue.  When you buy a new laptop or tablet, portable electronics such cameras, MP3 players, gaming systems, mobile phones, televisions, appliances, and so much more (lots more than I can list here) buy the SIMPLR™ protection plan and you’re ready when your favorite products stop working.

The best protection gizmo and gadget protection plan I know of ~ The SIMPLR plan AD #SIMPLRplan

If you’ve got kids you know that they mean well but sometimes they just don’t pay attention and even with the best of intentions they can break things {do you like how I’m calling their grabbing for the iPhone the best of intentions…sometimes I have to live in a fantasy of sorts!} ~ if you buy them that new laptop or tablet for school this year and you buy the SIMPLR™ protection plan at the same time their device is covered for drops, spills, cracked screens and more.  

The best protection gizmo and gadget protection plan I know of ~ The SIMPLR plan AD #SIMPLRplan

(Limitations and exclusions apply. See terms and conditions for details.)

The best protection gizmo and gadget protection plan I know of ~ The SIMPLR plan AD #SIMPLRplan

See this television?  It sits in the garage broken and too expensive to get repaired.  Buying a NEW television was less expensive than getting this one fixed…again.  If only I had  SIMPLR™ it would still be up in the living room being enjoyed.

SIMPLR™ is so easy to use:

1 ~ Register online.  If your protected product breaks all you need to do is

2 ~ File a claim online

3 ~ Pack & Ship or schedule a home repair.

Shipping is FREE and if you have to get the same item repaired 3 times for the same failure SIMPLR™ will replace it.

  • NO additional fees.
  • NO deductibles.
  • NO repair costs.

This video explains it well plus it’s cute {it reminded me of my brother!}.

The next time you make a purchase ask if SIMPLR™ is available and then get it!  You won’t be sorry.  Did you ever have something break that you WISH you had covered by a plan like this?  Tell me what it was and don’t forget to enter this great giveaway!
SIMPLR™ disclosure Protect your stuff with SIMPLR™ #SIMPLRplan AD$150.00 Amazon Gift Card Giveaway #SIMPLRplan AD

Ronald G

Friday 5th of September 2014

It was a humorous way of showing how even the cheapest items could be covered

Ronald G

Friday 5th of September 2014

It could probably save me money on a lot of my insurance coverages


Tuesday 26th of August 2014

wow what a good thing this is!! with how my g-son sometimes, uh, doesnt pay attention to or is not so careful with at times the electronics.....this really could come in very handy!!! plus the convenience of it! :)


Tuesday 26th of August 2014

Oh I so could use this, my desktop caught fire a few yrs ago and my good laptop broke a year after purchasing it grrr!

Jen @ Girl in the Garage

Monday 25th of August 2014

Between my husband and I and our two boys, we have lots of gadgets, tools, and toys in the house! This is a great idea to protect our belongings.