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Our Favorite Homework Helper Apps

Our Favorite Homework Helper Apps

Favorite and free homework helper apps for kids. #homework #apps #school #kids #HTCRemix #VZWBuzz

It's time for school and all that entails, desk work, homework, learning, understanding, growing.....all so important, but sometimes it can be overwhelming.  When kids need help with their school it can be frustrating but thankfully, there are FREE apps to help with their learning and encourage them to learn more!  We use the HTC Remix and HTC One for the majority of our apps ~ the kids grab the smartphones and work with these apps independently which is a bonus for them and me! 

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  1. I never knew there were homework helpers-thank you!

  2. Robin All Things Heart and Home says:

    brilliant! Apps to help with homework..who knew! xo

    1. Mary Beth says:

      Thank you, Robin! I like that the kids can access the apps and if they're still stuck I'm right here to help but most times they find what they need help with easily. Have a wonderful week!