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As the school season rolls in, we're embraced by the hustle of desk work, homework, and the continuous journey of learning, understanding, and growing. These elements are crucial in shaping minds and futures, yet there are moments when it all feels a bit too much. For those times, online essay help from Essayshark.com can be a beacon of support, offering a helping hand to navigate through the challenges of schoolwork, ensuring that the overwhelming becomes manageable.

Favorite and free homework helper apps for kids. #homework #apps #school #kids #HTCRemix #VZWBuzz

When kids need help with their school it can be frustrating but thankfully, there are FREE apps to help with their learning and encourage them to learn more!  We use the android smartphones for the majority of our apps. The kids grab the smartphones and work with these apps independently which is a bonus for them and me!

And, whether your kids need help with math, science, or writing essays, the internet offers a plethora of educational tools and websites to explore. For those worried about unintentional similarities in their writing, don't forget to utilize a reliable essay plagiarism checker to ensure originality and maintain academic integrity!

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Favorite and free homework helper apps for kids. #homework #apps #school #kids #HTCRemix #VZWBuzz #algebraapp

  yHomework ~ Math Solver ~ Algebra Calculator that gives you a full step-by-step solution!  

Favorite and free homework helper apps for kids. #homework #apps #school #kids #HTCRemix #VZWBuzz #mathtricksapp

Math Tricks ~ This program shows a variety of basic math tricks to help solve problems quickly.  I've found that when my kids feel more confident in their skills they push their learning even further and this is a great app to help them be quicker and more accurate therefore promoting that much-needed confidence.


Favorite and free homework helper apps for kids. #homework #apps #school #kids #HTCRemix #VZWBuzz #ScienceApp

Science Friendzy ~ Kids learn Science lessons playing alone, with friends, or with other kids around the world. Parents can view their child’s Science scores as well as the time they’ve spent playing.


Favorite and free homework helper apps for kids. #homework #apps #school #kids #HTCRemix #VZWBuzz #languagelearningapp

Phrasebook //Learn Multiple Languages ~ For kids {and adults} ~  This phrasebook app contains over 800 commonly-used phrases & vocabularies. You will find it useful when you travel, when you are meeting foreign friends, when you have to handle emergency situations, and a lot more.


Favorite and free homework helper apps for kids. #homework #apps #school #kids #HTCRemix #VZWBuzz #grammarapp

English Grammar Test ~ This application is the best way to improve your English Grammar at home, on the move, anywhere! These are some of our favorite school-related apps.  Do you have any that you like or would recommend?  If you do I would love to hear about them.              

If a little extra help is needed and a personal touch is desired a private tutor is a great option for helping to advance your child's education and to enrich their learning experience.

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  1. I never knew there were homework helpers-thank you!

  2. Robin All Things Heart and Home says:

    I never knew there were homework helpers-thank you!

    1. Mary Beth says:

      Thank you, Robin! I like that the kids can access the apps and if they're still stuck I'm right here to help but most times they find what they need help with easily. Have a wonderful week!