DIY Free Greeting Card Organizer

I have been on an organization, declutter, redecorate and reuse 'kick' lately.  I have a dresser that I keep computer paper, mailing supplies, camera accessories, etc. in......I also keep a box of greeting cards in there.  I was going through the dresser a few days ago and realized how many cards I never sent because I couldn't find them {ugh} I thought I would organize the cards.  I didn't want to buy anything new...I just wanted to use what I had on hand.  The cards were already in a shoe box so I had my 'holder'.

I had some manila folders that I was no longer using....I cut those in half and then in half again and used these as my dividers.  I had colored index cards that I stapled on the top of my dividers to indicate the season/holiday of the cards.

All in all the card organizer cost me $0.00 and was done, start to finish including sorting the cards, in under 30 minutes.  If I ever decide to leave the organizer out on my desk, I can use the basket but since it will just be in a drawer...the old shoebox will do just fine!

I am linking this to Skip To My Lou ~ Made by You Mondays and Today's Creative Blog .....because, well, there are so many great ideas and so much inspiration at those sites I thought I would shake things up with a shoebox, manila folders and index cards...sort of like the plain girl at the beauty pageant! ; )

hugs, mb

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  1. Melody Kittles says:

    I loved this idea when I saw it! How neat! If I ever kept shoe boxes, it would probably help me. LOL I keep all my cards in a little basket and dig through it every time I need one. The great idea for dividers would still be a good one for me to help organize my basket. I have to keep the basket out where I can see it or I forget I have it! It sits on my desk, near my computer monitor.

  2. Great idea! I really enjoy sending cards, and I may use this idea to organize some of my family's cards.