Chocolate Chip Cookies & Oreos ~ A Match Made in Heaven

I like cookies...a lot...too much....

I came across a recipe for an Oreo cookie baked inside chocolate chip cookies....hold me back...or let me go and get me a glass of milk for some serious dunking.... oi vey!

The original recipe can be found at Picky Palate....I altered mine slightly....I never have time so I take shortcuts {gasp and ugh} to save time.

Instead of making homemade cookie dough I substituted Pillsbury ready-made Chocolate Chip Cookie dough.

I also {after taking these pics} made cookies inserting Kit Kat bars, Milky Way bars and Twix bars {cut into smaller pieces} in between two chocolate chip cookie dough bits {that doesn't sound right...dough bits!?! but I think you know what I mean}.

Place about a tablespoon of dough on one side of the cookie {or candy bar}, place another tablespoon of dough on the other side and seal the edges.

I baked mine for 15 minutes at 350 ° on an insulated cookie sheet on the middle rack of my oven.

Everyone loved them....I made them first for my their seal of approval and then took some last night when we met with a group of friends... I came home with only two cookies...I took several dozen..soooo....all in all they were a success!

cookie hugs, mb

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  1. Oh my gosh, these look so good! It's like cookie heaven 🙂