Fix Your Christmas Lights ~ Don't Throw Them Away!

This year, like every other year, we got out the Christmas lights to start decorating and several strands of lights just wouldn't light...or, half the strand would light but not the other half...grrrrrr.  My husband was getting ready to decorate outside, pulled out some of the lights and out of 10 strands of lights, 6, yes SIX...60%, six/tenths...well, you get the idea...more than half of the lights didn't light... I was so tired of lights only working for one or two seasons and then being thrown away after hours spent trying to figure out which ones worked and which ones didn't.

{fast forward to tonight}

My husband and I went out for the sole purpose of buying replacement lights when I saw something called Light Keeper, mind you, this puppy cost $18.99 and 6 strands of replacement lights  would have cost $, me, being a gadget lover and a risk taker talked my husband into letting me buy and try the Light Keeper Pro with the express promise that I would return it tomorrow if it didn't work and just plunk down the $30.00 for the new lights.  I came home, gadget in hand, broken lights in a cute wicker basket {one must be surrounded by cute in order to work on broken items} and a surge protector {just in case my new gadget and I blew a fuse or something}.  I read the directions, pulled out my 6 strands and one by one, following the directions EXACTLY...all 6, yes SIX, all six strands of lights now work.  Just thought I would let you know that there is a gadget out there that really does what it says it does..and, I bought the product on my own, no freebie here...just a woman, a goal, and a debit card.  : )

I bought mine at Target for $18.99 but did check online and Amazon does carry it here:

Light Keeper PRO 01201 The Complete Tool for Fixing Miniature Light Sets

Happy gadget hugs, mb


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