Ribbon Organizer

I love to organize my craft room {why...I have no clue...I rarely actually use my items or craft anymore...but it is organized!}...anyway, Making Memories is my favorite brand of organizing 'stuff'....I had my eye on a ribbon rack/organizer shelf and recently it went on sale at Michael's and they had a coupon so I bought it!  I still have to add supplies to my shelves but this is it in its present state.

Making Memories also had plastic storage jars that I thought were a bit pricey even on sale so I went to Ikea and found these glass jars @ 4 for $5.00.

hugs, mb

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  1. Great - love this, MB. This is exactly what I'm searching for. Had to smile about you organizing your craft room - hey, that's a craft all in itself!

    1. Mary Beth says:

      Thanks for stopping by, Mary, and I'm so glad you found something useful! Have a wonderful weekend. hugs, mb