A few years ago all the craze was pallets.  I had seen so many projects made with them that I thought I needed pallets, you know…to survive.  I was so sure of my need that I made my husband dumpster dive for some.  Poor hubby did the dive and got the prize ~ two pallets for me.  ALL MINE!  I had the pallets….now what?

How to take apart a pallet easily for usable DIY wood. cupcakesandcrinoline.com #pallets #RockwellVersaCut #Rockler AD

And so they sat.  I did do some half-hearted crafty stuff with them but nothing awesome.  Then, I thought I should take them apart to salvage the wood…..

and so…….

I got the crowbar off the back wall of the garage and I started…..

and I sweat…….

and I sweat some more…..

and I used that crow bar like a pro {if the pro has no idea how to use one} and the wood did not POP off from the base {I’m pretty sure that’s what was supposed to happen}….

and so the pallets sat again…….until

I saw an ad in a magazine for the Rockwell VersaCut Circular Saw.  I ripped that ad out…showed it to my husband and was so sure that he wanted me to have it because of all the awesome things I would do with it……but

he did not see things the same way I did.  He asked if I had ever used a power saw before and my answer was……well, no….but I have an electric drill…so I’m sure I’d be fine with a power saw.

He did not agree.


#Rockler AD6

But then, the wonderful people at Rockler saw fit to let me have my dream saw and I love them for it!


I got the saw……I took it out of the box and then I quickly put it back in the box.  I had saw fear.

#Rockler AD5

But I needed to get over that fear and I am so glad I did.  I read the manual from cover to cover….that’s important with power tools you know…and I pulled out the worst of the two pallets and made a plan.

#Rockler AD7

I looked things over and realized I didn’t want to go anywhere near the nails.  I wanted to cut smoothly parallel to the nails and save as much of the wood as possible.  I put on some safety goggles and started the Rockwell VersaCut.  Oh….my…..goodness….it was easy peasy!

How to take apart a pallet easily for usable DIY wood. cupcakesandcrinoline.com #pallets #RockwellVersaCut #Rockler AD

I took my time, followed the directions and literally in less than 10 minutes I had this stack of beautiful usable wood to create with!  I have so many ideas…I even have a pinterest board filled with them…….

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Now…I need to get over my fear of the jigsaw.

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