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Coffee Station Organization

DIY Coffee Station Organization

Vintage Coffee Organization Station

 Over the last year or so I’ve noticed so many cute and useful coffee organization stations.  Since I got my Keurig for Christmas  I’ve been contemplating the best way to organize my K-cups.  I have a wire basket lined with a vintage linen above the kitchen sink that houses a lot of various flavors but I also wanted something to put on the countertop ~ I drink a LOT of coffee!

*Thank you to Rockler for providing products for this post ~ as always, all opinions are my own!

Vintage Wooden Cheesebox from

I use a vintage cheese box from the antique store to hold oatmeal packets and I really like the way it looks ~ I get to decorate with vintage and have it be useful so this was a look I wanted to duplicate.  I received a box of wood {AWESOME, AWESOME deal} from Rockler ~ a HUGE 20-pound assortment ~ and I have vowed to make something from every single piece of wood in the box and I’ll share every little project with you.

Scrap wood used to make vintage-like coffee station box from

First up I decide to make my own copy of the vintage cheese box.  I chose four pieces of wood from the box ~ all the same type of wood and the sizes of the scraps were comparable with the size of box I wanted to make so very little sawing was necessary.  The bottom piece was the largest piece by far and was already the size I wanted so no cutting for that piece.

Scraps of wood used for making a DIY Coffee Station vintage look-a-like box from

I used a metal combination square with scribe (similar to this one) to get an accurate marking for my cuts since so little had to be removed from the pieces as they were. DIY Wooden Coffee Box with scribed line from - Copy

I used my Rockwell Versacut Saw {love it!} to cut the side piece the same length as the bottom piece and the end pieces (the shorter ones) were cut the width of the bottom with the addition of the sides ~ remember to add that small amount to get everything nice and even.  The Versacut is the same saw I used to cut apart a pallet in a wink ~ I find new ways to use this saw all the time.

Cricut Cartridge Used to Make Stencil for Coffee Box from

Once I had my pieces all cut I used my Cricut to cut out the stencil I wanted for use on one long side.  I painted in the stencil with black and waited for that to dry.  The backwards “F” picture ~ it fell into my coffee cup that I had on my craft desk….I almost fished it out so I could have the last sip but I controlled myself *sigh*.

DIY Wooden Box Bottom - Copy

 Next up I glued everything together using Gorilla Wood Glue.  I was going to try to use nails to put this together but the wood I chose was a little thin so rather than risk cracking it with a nail I used glue.  The glued piece is nice and sturdy and holds everything well.

Coffee Station Organization using a DIY wooden box made from scraps.

 Here’s the finished box…..I used a darker black to add more depth to some of the stenciled letters…..

Vintage Coffee Station Wooden Box

And here is my coffee box atop a recent Antique Store find….a mini 1940’s table ~ isn’t it cute???? I found it in the lower level of my favorite antique store for only $8.00 ~ I had to buy it! 😉

Wire basket, grain sack cloths and vintage kitchen table

Even though this picture doesn’t show my new coffee box I just liked the look of it and the wire basket with grain sack clothes is one of my favorite kitchen decor combos.

Wire basket, grain sack cloths, coffee cups atop a 1940's kitchen table.

I liked this picture, too, so that’s why it’s here.

Do you keep your coffee anywhere special or do you like your countertops neat and tidy with nothing out?


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