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Easy-to-Make Light Up Jack-o-Lantern Craft

It’s the time of year for seasonal crafting and it all starts in my house with Halloween.  I love the cute more than the spooky and this Light Up Jack o’ Lantern is anything but scary.  The box can be used as just a decoration or to hold Halloween Candy to hand out to your Trick or Treaters.

This box was so easy and fun to make using FloraCraft® Make It: Fun® Foam.


Three FloraCraft® Make It: Fun® Foam Sheets {sizes below}~

One 1-3/16 inch x 9-7/8 inch x 11-7/8 inch block

One 15/16 x 11-15/16 x 17-15/16 inch sheet

One 15/16 inch x 11-7/8 inch x 35-7/8 inch sheet

Orange Craft Paint

Black Craft Paint

Glow in the Dark Craft Paint

Mod Podge

String of lights {color of your choice}

Hot Glue and Hot Glue Gun

Drill and bit

1.  Measure and cut 4 pieces of FloraCraft® Make It: Fun® Foam Sheets  to size ~ 11-7/8 inches wide {the height for each of these is as is ~ only one cut needed for each side}.  I marked the width with a Sharpie using a metal square and cut it with an Exacto knife.  Do not cut the block ~ that is your base piece.

2.  When you are done you will have 4 equal-sized pieces {and your block base}.

3.  Coat One side of each of the 4 pieces with Mod Podge.  When the Mod Podge is dry paint with the Orange Craft Paint.

4.  When your pieces have all dried mark the wrong, unpainted side, of one piece with a Jack o’ Lantern outline.

5.  Drill holes to accommodate the lights to edge the outline of the Jack o’ Lantern.

5.  Fill in the area between the holes with Black Craft Paint and Glow in the Dark Paint for the teeth.  Allow to dry.

6.  Glue your face piece and one piece to each side of your base using a hot glue gun or Styrofoam Glue leaving the back open so that you can insert your lights.

7.  Cut an area from the bottom of the back piece to place your plug and lights through.

8.  Glue on your back piece and insert your lights into each hole gently.

Now plug in your lights and enjoy your Light Up Jack o’ Lantern!

Her cute little curly tiara is also a wreath ~ I used Design It:® Simple Style® Decorative Mesh and Design It:® Simple Style® Burlap Garland to make this and will have the tutorial posted for you in a few days.

Disclosure:  I have been selected as a member of the FloraCraft® Make It: Fun® Team. This post is brought to you by FloraCraft® and Dow. The opinions read here are entirely my own. For crafting and creating inspiration, check out Make it Fun Crafts and the Crafts ‘n Coffee blog.

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