How to Clean Your Microwave

Is your microwave suffering from leftover food gunk? If it is and you want to get it refreshingly squeaky-clean naturally and without scrubbing, then this tip is for you!

This is without a doubt the easiest way to clean a microwave.

Let me show you how to clean your microwave in less than 2 minutes with no scrubbing #ZepSocialstars

 When I cook in my microwave it’s pretty much a given that I am going to overheat whatever is in there and it’s probably going to explode.

How I cleaned my microwave easily with Zep Microwave Miracle #ZepSocialstars

Case in point ~ My youngest son was sick last week and wanted chicken noodle soup which I heated up for him in the microwave.

The package said “heat for 12 to 15 minutes” so I did EXACTLY what it said ~ I’m good like that 😉  ~ and this is what happened way before the 12-minute timer went off.   YUCK

Food exploded all over my microwave #ZepSocialstars from cupcakesandcrinoline

Okay…how disgusting is this????   To show you just how well this all-natural lemon truck works, I put some salsa and ketchup on the turntable and fired up my microwave just so I could explode and bake on more food just for you! (I am so dang thoughtful).

I took a glass bowl and filled it with water.

I next added some lemon slices.

Place the bowl in the microwave for 3 to 5 minutes.

When the microwave timer goes off, allow the bowl to sit for a few more minutes and let the steam do its magic.

Remove from the microwave but be CAREFUL, the bowl and water will be hot.

Zep Microwave Miracle #ZepSocialstars

Use a good quality rag or microfiber cloth to wipe down the microwave and then stand back and be amazed at the results!

Microwave #ZepSocialstars_mg_4558

 And the chicken noodle soup that had been left on the microwave tray for days (yes, days!), came right off as well.  

So how is your microwave looking?  If it could use some cleaning without hassle I highly recommend you check out more of my cleaning tips below and if you have any cleaning requests or recommendations, please let me know.