Soap Scum Remover at Cupcakes and Crinoline

I saw this ‘recipe’ on pinterest several times. I used to be a sucker for buying new products that promised me cleaner and shinier and an easier way to of doing things but the cost and the chemicals have caused me to look for alternatives and this is definitely a great one!  Easy and cheap…and IT WORKS!!! All of the pins I saw said to use Dawn blue dishwashing liquidDawn only..but I had the Aldi brand of blue dishwashing liquid so that’s what I used and it worked very well.  I can’t imagine how the Dawn could have worked better because my results were wonderful.  The only heads up I would like to pass along is the aroma….it is quite vinegary but the smell dissipated quickly and with the use of my bathroom fan it wasn’t too bad.


4 ounces of hot vinegar {heat vinegar separately in the microwave for approximately 90 seconds}

4 ounces of blue liquid dish washing detergent ~ Dawn if you’re a stickler for details or the Aldi Blue Brand ~ Reeva

Once the vinegar is heated carefully pour it in to a spray bottle.  Add the dish washing liquid, cap and shake thoroughly.  Now, spray the surface you wish to clean and let the gel sit for 2 hours.  Once the 2 hours has lapsed, scrub or wipe off the cleaning solution and rinse thoroughly.  Next, stand back and enjoy the glow!