How-To Organize Photos: Save, Sort, Share

Show of hands for anyone who remembers the days of taking pictures using film and then getting the film developed? I do. I did so love those days because I actually had to get the film developed to see the pictures BUT, I also didn't like it because then I had to get rid of any photos and the negatives for pics that made me look frumpy.

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On the upside, I did have the photos all sorted and in albums, *sigh* the good old days, and then along came digital photography which meant I could take pics, save or delete on the fly, and have all of those lovely digital photos right on my computer or phone. How convenient....unless?????

This overreliance on digital storage came with a hidden risk. One wrong move and all your photos are *poof*. Gone forever. As a first line of defense, it’s really important to get trustworthy information on how to upload photos on iCloud, where all your albums will be safe forever.

In the spirit of preserving and cherishing our memories, beyond simply organizing and protecting them, there's a wonderfully creative way to showcase these snapshots of life. This brings us to exploring how to make a photo collage, a perfect project for those of us who love to get hands-on with our memories. Creating a photo collage can be a fun, artistic way to display the photos you've meticulously saved and organized. Whether it's a digital collage to share online with your inner circle or a physical one to adorn your walls, the process can be as rewarding as it is decorative.

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Photo of two boys smiling looking at pictures on a smartphone - how to organize photos

Don't Let THIS Happen to YOU!

When my husband and I got married 14 years ago, we had our wedding pictures all saved on my spankin' new computer. No need to get those babies printed out...I had them saved and would get to the printing process someday soon.

Well, someday soon came a little quicker than I hoped. My new computer crashed and our wedding photos were lost. I cried so hard when that happened and since then, I've had a bit of an aversion to digital photos even though that is exclusively my mode for picture and video taking. I have since then looked for various ways to save my photos but I have never found an easy way to share photos.

Photo of ibi device used to organize photos, save, store and share

Emails back and forth with pictures attached, texting photos, or sharing privately through messenger-type services, etc., just isn't convenient and when photos are shared that way, I rarely (okay, like never) download the photos and save them. I just remember I have them and call it a day but for the last few weeks I have been using a new device called ibi and that's what I want to tell you all about today.

Photo of ibi device used to organize photos, save, store and share

I'm also going to give you ideas for how you can use it to streamline photo organizing including saving, sorting, and sharing. Seriously, just a few minutes of time and you'll have albums to easily share with family and friends. 

Meet ibi™

Photo of ibi device used to organize photos, save, store and share

ibi is a small device that fits right in with my home decor and isn't clunky or intrusive. 

Photo of ibi device used to organize photos, save, store and share

It's a wonderful product that allows me (and hopefully you) to collect photos and videos, yep, videos, all in one place. 

Photo of ibi device used to organize photos, save, store and share

Everything you need is right in the box and all you do is plug it in, get the mobile app, and set it up. It literally took me less than 2 minutes (if even that) and I was able to start creating albums.

How To Organize (The sorting is already done for you)

Once the photos are collected, they are sorted by date which makes it so easy to then create albums, or not...totally up to you, and then the fun begins.

Collage of photos showing the ibi app in action

The first album I created were of photos from a short trip we took last year that were on my phone and that I never shared with anyone. I didn't want to share these photos on social media, some things are just for the family so on my phone they stayed. They were there. I saw them, and that was that, but with ibi I was able to grab the photos by the month, choose the ones I wanted to add to a vacation album, and then, I had a link that I could share with my inner circle, my favorite peeps, my fam. I could choose whether to send a link that allowed them to view only, or I could invite them to collaborate on the album.

Share and Collaborate

The collaborate option got my gears turning in a good way. I realized that with this option I could send the link to my family members and my nephew who vacationed with us as well and invite them to add their photos from the trip. They do not need an ibi device to do this so no worries there, yours will work perfectly for everyone that's collaborating. Once they add their photos, you'll have awesome pictures of everyone's memories all in one place and those you've shared it with will have access to all that memory juiciness as well and those you collaborate with don't even need the app, they can access the content through a browser. It seriously doesn't get any more convenient than this and again, it stays private and is shared just with those you choose making your world, your inner circle, a little more personal.

Wouldn't this be awesome for weddings, showers, birthday parties, graduations and more? Honestly, I am thrilled thinking about all the possibilities. 

You can also access ibi from your desktop and from there you can add photos that aren't on your phone. In my case, I'm going to add photos of each of my sons and save them to individual folders so they have those photos when they want them and I'm going to invite some family members to collaborate so they can add photos to each album for my sons as well. This means a lot to me since I don't have many photos at all of when I was growing up and I want my sons to have their photos so they can share with their wife and kids when the time comes. I know I'm jumping ahead of myself here, but that excites me! 

Learn More About ibi

You can learn more about ibi by clicking right here and you can also order your own so you can start sharing images with your personal inner circle which is awesome because sometimes, you don't want to share the memories you hold most dear with the entire world, just those who matter most to you. 

What are your ideas for using an ibi device? I'd love to hear them.

Photo of two boys smiling looking at pictures on a smartphone - how to organize photos

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